The Poetry of Rory

(a senryu)

I recognize you
familiar is your heartbeat
I offer your needs

Race To The Constellations
(a sonnet)

Eyes closed, breathing deeply, time for meditation
A clearing of the mind to think evenly and leave this place
Where afflictions and contradictions aren’t the exception but the rule
Amongst the constellations the ego’s derisions are but minuscule
No purpose is served by allowing oneself to feel anguish…
…behind energy wasted on an experience proven non-beneficial
who are they? those who choose to deceive and play make believe
While standing in the face of a LOVE complete
Desperately they try to rationalize that which is irrational
…while also reveling in disastrous behavior and fiasco
A love reciprocal with respect mutual, if this cannot be
…then it is to the heavens my spirit shall flee

(a senryu)

if it is not love
that you see inside of me
I shall let you be