The Poetry of Rory


I hear all these motha fuckin voices going through my head
everyday I gotta sift through them because I like ‘em all
except for the one that wishes I was dead
besides, all I know is that, God must be a Goddess
yeah I say that
I say that because…
…only the yin principle offers up compassion and understanding that’s good for the whole world
they said it was some kind of diagnosis
had the nerve to call me, how do you say?
…phrenic, schizo or somethin
tryin to push some pills on me
nah nah, you aint gonna control me like that
what you looking at? honkin your horn at me
Mr. Man in the Mercedes
Mr. Babylonian slave
you’re the only one they have under control
they tell you what to think
...what to feel
and you look at me like I’m just some dumpster diving vagrant
what’s wrong with you?
at least I don't backslide
I gotta purpose to serve
I gotta feed the birds
they listen to me
then I gotta pick up all this stuff you guys throw away on the street
gotta keep the Earth clean
I see you
money is all you pursue
and all you come up with is materialistic….. how do you say?
…trivialities, or whatever
let me tell you something about counter intelligence
you got to sound intelligent
…when you step up to the counter and order coffee
that’s why everyday my coffee is free
my Barista gives it to me
she likes me
she says I make her smile
she thinks I’m wise
then we start laughing together
…but I think she’s the one who's funny
I'm not wise
I only shared with her one secret
something the trees told me
ok two, because the wind tells me things all the time too
I’m watching you too Mr. Man in the Mercedes
so run along and don’t be late
go sit in your bullshit meetings like you do everyday
analyzing your productivity charts and see if youre on course…
…to realize the total destruction of the world as you have so carefully planned out
oh and be sure they serve fruit cup at your next company party
I oughta put my foot in your ass
…but I was told never to harm the weak
you see
I am compassionate
I am free
you wish you were free like me
so what, maybe I am crazy
told you 'bout these motha fucking voices I'm tryin to sort out
...but I got a heartbeat too
if you heard my heartbeat
maybe then you would know love
I gotta feed the birds
I gotta make people smile
I like me
I got a purpose





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