The Poetry of Rory


Found myself thinking….

….remembering when a gallon of gas cost 50 cents and for just a dollar more, you could spend a whole summer’s afternoon at a matinee. That would include getting in, your favorite soda, a box of Mike and Ike’s and a large popcorn….

Then I wrote this….



What’choo Know ‘bout The Old School


Heard About It

Hanging with the cats
around the barbeque pit
amazing stories


My Uncle’s and Them

They all share a dip
laughing spitting telling lies
The pleasures of snuff


The Vine

Jet black with pin stripes
Grandpa looked so debonair
Wearing his zoot suit


Breakfast at Auntie Stine’s

Biscuits made from scratch
Served with butter and jelly
Nothing can compare



What could I have done
Now I have to find a switch
Someone told on me


Neighborly Love

Mean old white lady
Made us stay out of her yard
Her cakes were the best


After Hours

Scotch and dice games with
Ribs and potato salad
Til the sun comes up