The Poetry of Rory

Don’t Kill The Messenger
(short story with senryu’s)

It was after a long week where his days were spent performing valuable  community service and evenings spent preparing for an important oration that he was to deliver soon that found himself here. Desperate need of stress relief and perhaps counsel for his own inner conflict was his reasoning for seeking her comfort.

The flames from several candles placed throughout the room lit the ambiance and the fragrance of eucalyptus and spearmint that spread throughout provided soothing reassurance. They stare intently upon each other as they both disrobe. She can see in him a somewhat shy naiveté. He notices the seasoned voluptuousness within her. Slowly they begin the explorative touching which eases them into an erotic  manifestation, “touch me, feel me”, she prompts him…

two souls discover
divine exhilaration
temporal vigor

thunderous his thrusts
such an immense exertion
a blissful edict

Delightfully satisfied as they lay there catching their breath after absorbing each others intensity, they engage in small talk sharing certain aspects of their lives with one another and how it was they came together. She truthfully told him that a string of bad relationships and substance abuse habit that she has now fully recovered from landed her in the life. He openly shared with her the bitter divorce he endured and how he struggled to maintain his public stature. She offers him words of solace before he is to leave,“it’s ok, we all are human”. He pays her the agreed upon asking fee and departs.

The next morning he arrived at his sanctuary with a bit of nervousness within about what had occurred last night.
From his vantage point the turnout will be very good as the parishioners begin making their way into the congregation and settling in. After a few selections from the choir the processional is completed. His mental notes are in order as he is fully prepared to deliver his oratory. Reflecting momentarily on the last statement the woman made to him as he was leaving, he steps up to the pulpit, wipes his eyebrows and says, “let us open our bibles to”……