The Poetry of Rory


in jubilation
their spirits have unified
this love is enough


(free verse)

Intuitively she responded…
…to the true urgings of his inner voice
Patiently waiting…
…watching as he would carry on impulsively
Readily involving himself in trivialities, unable to resist
…seems desolation was something upon which he insisted
Still in the quiet moments of deliberation
…her heart affirms that she was making the right choice
Ghosts had restrained him inside walls of suspicion
…the echoes of deception were hampering his volition
Curiously she couldn’t understand why he would hesitate
…why wouldn’t he just allow love to consummate
How much longer on the deliverance from strife must he contemplate
…perhaps the love in his heart has been desecrated
Looking into his eyes
…reassuring him she was not susceptible to outside stimuli
Her words are spoken with a subtle dynamism
“I have what you need”
“With my love, your soul I will feed”
The walls of his incarceration shatter to mere dust
…jubilant hearts embrace oneness
Knowing the love they share will be enough