The Poetry of Rory

A Safe Harbor

shortly after midnight
certain there is no one in sight

no longer must he hide
the true feelings that are inside

free from the smiles
offered only to beguile

With his head bowed he welcomes isolation having grown accustomed to it.  A melancholic stasis he enters into, that being his nightly ritual. Once again his mind is being bombarded with resentments and ideations.

he has rescinded upon
many of his decisions

hesitation followed with immense frustration
irritability followed with intense exasperation

a sense of hopelessness, a routine filled with no purpose
he struggles to identify with his lack of self worth

The wrenching in his stomach has taken hold again. Days have gone by since his body has been provided with proper nutrition. What he hungers for the most however, is human touch, closeness, a peaceful co-existence. Only this will feed his soul.

this will be another night without sleep
the aches in his body are running to deep

emptiness, sadness, misplaced guilt
together infused are inhibiting his will

dare he reach out? He doesn’t think he can
believing that no one will come to understand

There he remains on the floor motionless, hours upon hours. His emotions have crystallized into an ocean of tears, this being where he has found a safe harbor. He awaits the moment that his thoughts and feelings are to take their temporary leave as usual, for the sun will be rising soon.