Silicon Graphics Workstations

 This is our Silicon Graphics Indigo 2 video & audio workstation. The system is comprised of 3 SGI Indigo  R4400 computers, 3 RGB 20" monitors, Galileo Analog Video, 601 Digital Video. Realtime 2D & 3D open GL animation and IRIX Showcase. Also has C++ development package and compilers available for software design. These are old machines but still quite capable and unique in many ways. Most of the time we use them for source 3D titling and visual effects and then output to Adobe Premier as film clips and overlays. Also shown in the photo is our Tascam 58 1/2" analog tape recorder and various outboard gear and video patch bay.


Main Recording Rack

 This our main recording rack. Starting from the top is a Furman Power conditioner. Next is our Sony W-66 CD recorder that we use for AES Masters. The next unit is the Soundscape 32 track recorder with removable drives and is the center of our recording system. Next is our Soundscape AD/DA converters with all XLR ins & outs. This unit will also do stand alone tranfers between TDIF and ADAT. Second from the bottom is a UPS unit for the whole rack. Finally the Host computer on the bottom which runs the Soundscape SSL v5.5 software and plugins, CD /DVD/MP3 functions and triple screen display outputs.


Control Room  East Wall

For a front end we use a Allen & Heath GS 3000 32channel inline console to bus our mic/line signals from the 4 live rooms. On top of the console is the outboard analog DBX compressors, gates and a Lexicon MPX100. The console is divided into four sections1 for each live room and then bussed to the AD/DA converters.  In the background are 3 of my guitars. The two on the outside are homemade twins. The one in the center is a modified Squire Strat that was one of Jeff Healys first guitars.



Control Room  NE view

 This is where you sit and watch me work or vice versa.  We do lots of project tracking right in the control room. The CD rack is all the Masters weve recorded. We have all of this material on computer as well for easier access. North wall monitors are Klipsch KG2s. The acoustic hanging up is a Gibson EC-20 tuned in DADGAD.

Control Room South Wall

Seen here is the triple monitor display consisting of 42 Plasma and two 19" LCDs. On the left is our TS Solutions CD4s duplicator and printing robot and a PC running CDID software for CD Design. On the right is our video editing and DVD authoring tools. Cameras can be set up to record from any of our 4 rooms. We also use this for our security monitoring. In the center bottom area you can see the famous Atari 1040st running notator for sequencing, D50 keyboard trigger, Yamaha TG 500 sound module and Roland GR50 guitar synth module. South wall audio monitors are Sound Dynamics.


Control room West Wall


Control Room SW view


MC Zonenburg