Amphibious Tendencies

Hello and welcome to the Amphibious Tendancies website, we hope you enjoy your visit! This site is predominantly a site for sharing information on several aspects of amphibian care, but is also a way for me to share with other people the joy I get from keeping amphibians.

(photograph of Bombina orietalis, the Oriental Fire Bellied Toad. One of the most common captive amphibians-and a very entertaining one.)

As this website is mainly for my own enjoyment, please be sure to know that while this information is as accurate, honest and "true" to the best of my knowledge,  it is advised that you do thorough research on amphibian care, from a wide range of sources. Equally, it is highly advised that you do a lot of research before considering keeping a pet amphibian-it is not something one should do on impulse.

My amphibians

PLease click on the photographs below to view the corresponding information on that type of amphibian.


Poison arrow/Poison dart frogs

Frogs of the family Dendrobatidae

Other Anurans (Frogs & Toads)

Caudates (Salamanders and Newts)


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