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The green ninja rabbit with the big blaster

Click to download Jazz Jackrabbit 2

I recommend you to use version 1.24 if you want to play online.
Here you can download a pack including Jazz Jackrabbit 2 versions 1.23 and 1.24 (TSF), JCS, the JJ2+ addon and BigJazz.exe (for a higher resolution in 1.23).

Download Jazz Jackrabbit 2 OEM version 1.00h here!

Jazz Jackrabbit 2 for mac

This version of Jazz Jackrabbit 2 is made for MAC OS / OS X

JJ1 on PSP

Download JazzJackrabbit on your PlayStationPortable!
You must have a custom firmware to play the game!
For more information about that, »»click here««


Click here to go to the site of JJUltimate
You can download many versions of JazzJackrabbit, and more!
You can't download cheating tools
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