Inside Jokes Between Aly, Maria, and Aj


Hi im Aly, aka. the kinda (less than aj more than maria) perverted one. These are my 2 best friends Aj and Maria. They are going out (bf and gf-hopefully for anyone stupid enough to read this you understand what bf and gf means.) And im all left out by being single but who cares lol. i will tell you about the life of them later, because its too exciting HAHA.

Aj is the full-blast pervert, and yes i still love him (AS A FRIEND for u other pervs out there). He is "Muscular" (says maria.....who knows if thats true......but o well we will let her think what she wants to think.) He is very nice and has tons of perverted MARIA things on his mind.....and i now know them....but he is still my friend again. ( I wont be mentioning these perverted things because they are a little too mature for the age limit of 12-13. He's tall.....dark brown hair or black who give a crap. omg he has the funniest laugh

Maria-Aj's lover and also the semi-perv (less than both me and aj) I love maria a ton and she is my BFFFFFFFF. We have soooo much fun together. (not that way aj...........) I will tell u guys stories later......i have millions lol. (i will not be sharing many of them.) She is also very hot (aj is in LOVE with her i have quotes i will add them later.) and she is an amazzzzzing singer......AJ YOU SERIOUSLY NEED TO HEAR HER SING ITS SOOOO GOOD. And sometimes its scary because we act so much alike....but she is EXTREMELY hottter than me.....but thats k i understand why sadly.....she has a wide variety of cute bubbly giggalicious laughters. Maria has long luscious great smelling honey flavored hair (that means dark brown to me).Aj thinks she has a great figure....(and she does not try to hide it by wearing sweatshirts I think connor said that but o well....) (By the way i will tell you a little about connor later) Maria is way hotter than joelle (pretty much the reason why aj dumped joelle for her.) Maria is kinda like me in the oddest of ways. Aj loves maria in her special black dress which she looks HOT in (and yes i love her) (NOT THAT WAY AJ-some times i just need to keep aj's mind focused on good things not perverted things thats why i have these extra notes especially for aj.) Maria also gives Aj a hug every day after school and its ADORABLE!!!!!!! (by the way im the only person that thinks that......) But im there best friend and i think they look SOOOO GOOD getting way to off topic so i think i should just stop now....haha


Life between gf and bf (AJ and Maria)

It all started out when aj decided to like Joelle, who is also one of my friends (just not as close as maria and aj) and she apparently can never say no.....which seriously sounds SOOOOO desprate. I know your thinking how could incredibly wonderful boyfreind (quote on quote from maria....she tells me stuff lol.) fall for this girl. We still dont know the answer to this question. (and yes joelle is still my friend....i am a bit mean at times lol) Any hooters, they went out for approxomently 1 year. Yes thats along time but i guess Aj got a bit caught up in her "hotness." Anyloopdoop, Aj finally decided he had had enough with joelle  and he had to move on with his joyous love life. Which means pretty much.....he dumped her. The reasons why Aj dumped her was Maria is hotter, Joelle didnt even talk to him, wouldnt look at him, and she was too scared to hug him. After Aj dumped Joelle she cried for a little bit and she hated both of them....even though Aj had other plans, because Aj still wanted to be friends with Joelle...But from the looks of how things were going that was not going to happen. At first Maria was really shy around Aj so i just decided to talk to him the whole time... like when they sat next to each other at lunch, Maria would sit next to Aj and I would sit on the opposite side of him. And we just talked the whole time.... But I think they did talk a little bit. But anyplooperdoopers they would always text and call each other all the time and they talked about some interesting topics.....THAT SOME ADULTS DONT EVEN FEEL COMFORTABLE TALKING ABOUT lol so im not going to mention those things. I think they are a great couple..... i hope they stay together for a very long time. Some people at our school think they should get married. Lol im not too sure about that....i wonder how joelle would feel. Feel free to write in my forum anytime you want if you have any questions or comments you would like to share with me.

My other Friends at school

There are tons of people i can mention in this but i think i should only mention the people that i care about. So thats what im ganna do.

-Connor-He thinks everyone has cooties lol. So he's kinda weird, but o well.....i used to like him in like two years ago

-Xeny-He is kinda not rlly tall, blonde hair, brown eyes.

-Justin-he's realy nice, (at least to me) my height which is short lol. plays basket ball, lots of people call him brandflakes, hes extremely SMART hes in pre-alg, does cross country. Hates alex story (who doesnt! ) He always makes me laugh in spanish class. lol hes great......and he has the cutest laugh

-Kelsey-very tall, nice, likes my ex bf (tell you about that later) Plays volley ball, friends with connor. Always wears her hair hair in a pony tail.

-Edie- she has dark brown hair and blue....xenys ex gf....bus friends with justin (travis says shilty potty word.....)

-TRAVIS-i love u sssssoooo sooo much (as a freind) a little birdy just told me that he needs some cheering up.......o yea and by the kathryn luvs u! and so do i! he has blondish brown hair, and gorgeous blue eyes! haha

-Kathryn-in love with travis, has brown hair that flows down to sholders (haha im so good) bff!


AJ- it says me and maria are cute together... thats an understatement
AJ- we're HOTT 2gether


A lot of people have told me to add things about myself since i have talked about all my friends, thank you for all of your comments and requests. I love to read all of your guys comments. You guys help me make my blog more and more interesting.

About myself

Well i am an average girl with some great friends, i have blonde hair and blue eyes. I have liked a few guys, but not many because most of them are really weird, mean or immature. But i have some really good guy friends. I am usually considered a perv like Aj, but i dont mind that because you can make people laugh a lot its great..... I also dont have a cell phone, which is really sad but i cant do anything about that...hopefully i will get one soon.

I used to wear glasses in 5th grade, then i decided i needed to stop wearing the ugly pieces of i switched to wearing contacts and they are very helpful and i love them.

I love horseback riding and i ride once or twice a week, and its pretty much the only sport i like besides tennis. I also play basketball, baseball and golfing with my guy friends in my neiborhood. We also like to run around crazy in the neiborhood and its just great!