ALT Dolphins



Head Coach

A USA-certified swim coach, Tracey Bakewell was born and raised on the beaches of Pensacola, Florida. Later, she swam on summer rec teams during her school years in Walnut Creek, CA, eventually shifting her focus to running during high school to current days. When the ALT Dolphins, in Cool, CA had a coaching vacancy, team parents, impressed by her enthusiasm for the sport, her previous swimming experience and her ability to be inspired with personal fitness ALT Board Members approached Tracey about the possibility of coaching their team. Tracey led the ALT Dolphins from the summer of 2008 through 2011. However, as her own children stepped up to year-round swimming, Tracey moved along with them and subsequently, asked to coach with NSA (formerly Bear River Swimming), and became a USA certified swim coach.   Tracey has found great satisfaction in coaching and looks forward to the team's daily practice. Tracey is looking forward to expanding her coaching skills and sharing her enthusiasm with the ALT Dolphins again this summer.

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