Non-ripped animations created from scratch.

Quite So Dead

Ehh... as anyone can see. This site is pretty much dead with nothing much at all.
There are stuff I can upload and link to, but have been too busy (lazy) to do so.

So this place will probably not die, but remain horribly inactive till I find time to work on it.

Till then, adios... >_<


It is Christmas already in this year 2007 and alphastickmania wishes to present to you the first complete animation that isn't a trailer. Christmas 2007 AniTale. The AniTale series will consist of animations made specially for festive events such as Christmas and the New Year. So pop by here every holiday to see if we have anything new up. P.S : This AniTale does not have any sound or music. Playing your own music is advisable for better enjoyment of the animation. (Need sound producer for alphastickmania. Apply to the e-mail address below.)


To people who wish for their works to be shown on this website, send in only the projector file of your Flash work. If not, it must be in swf format. I am not going to take any fla files. (I am not going to edit them or anything) Include your name when sending it to me or put your name in the Flash swf/projector. Any original work is welcomed. Send it to my e-mail,

First Torrent

The very first torrent file is out. Go over to the new torrents page to get Earth 2245 Promo (No Sound).

Promo For First Animation

Ok everyone, the promo for the first Flash animation is coming out soon! Yes, it is already done. Now the sounds are being made and so be patient as it will be out soon. I don't think you all yet but the series is called Earth 2245. A detailed Info page about it will be made soon. So prepare for a Sci-fi series of 3 episodes. Yes, it is only 3 episodes. I will be too tried to make more. The entire series should be out by the end of 2007 and the start of 2008.


Let's all face facts that Flash is not easy to make so there is some very huge now it look the earliest Flash will come out only by march.

About The Blog

Want to express your feelings? Go to the blog button over there to say nice things or critise all you want. One vulgar word and the IP address it came from gets banned from this website permanently, ok? (It means don't even try it, pal.)

Start Of Website

The name says it all. Welcome and I think the day this website came up is let's see... 6th October. Ok. Coming up soon, expect to see completely, prehaps noobish Flash animations. However, they will all be brand new and not ripped off right from another website so if you do see it on another website, it was probably ripped off from this website. The first Flash should be out in around December so please wait patiently and expect at least something good.

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