Alpha Dogz Flyball Team

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Welcome Back to Anarchy Boris!!!

Boris has had a long break from Racing and made a very sucessful return to open competitions at Gap Farm on 15th March.

Boris broke his toe back in September 2013, His recovery was far from straightforward.  His foot had to be heavily bandaged to avoid any weight bearing on the toe.  Unfortunately Boris was not the best patient and took to chewing the skin next to the bandage creating large wounds and sores.  The vet had to make the decision that the wound management was as important as the broken toe to manage and removed the bandages.  This meant that Boris was on total cage rest for several weeks.  Eventually, the wounds and sores started to heal after several weeks. 

In January 2014 Boris had a further xray that confirmed that the toe was healed.  He was allowed to re-introduce some gentle off lead exercise with careful monitoring.  After a couple of weeks Boris was allowed to resume his normal exercise routine but it was decided that the Flyball could wait a little longer to ensure no reoccurance of the broken Toe.

On 15th March at Gap Farm Rachie and Mark decided to bite the bullet and let Boris return to open racing.  He was brilliant, no sign of the old injury and a very successful days racing from Boris.

Welcome back to Anarchy Boris, The team have certainly missed you.  We wish you a very long and injury free career!!

Alpha Dogz Nominated Charity for 2014 is.......

As a team we have decided to support a single charity which will be changed annually. 

For 2014 we have decided to support Birmingham Dogs Home

Sue in our team is an avid supporter of this fabulous place so it made sense to chose them for 2014.  They are currently raising funds for new premises out of the city so the dogs in their care can enjoy more space and less stress. 

We will be holding raffles at our shows during 2014 and all the proceed with help this cause.  We very much hope you will support us to help them.

Visit thier website for more information

Introducing Frankie...

Welcome to the newest member of the Alpha Family - Frankie Child.

Frankie was born on 28th December and was from Cumbria.  He is a blue merle border collie.

He will join the Child Family and is there newest recruit.  he joins Charlie, Gemma, Milo, Teddy, Ben and Boris and we are very excited to see how he turns out.

Welcome to the team little Blue!


               "ALPHA DOGZ ORIGINAL"

"Have you heard of Flyball?" Those words were the start of a wonderful journey for Charlie and his Mum and Dad Rachel and Mark.

Walking round a car boot sale Rachie and Mark met Bev and John Proctor who asked about Charlie and then asked "have you heard of Flyball" to which they replied "no, Whats that".  The rest they say is History.

Rachie and Mark took Charlie along to his first training session with the Breakaways, This was going to be the start of a long journey.  Charlie was not the easiest dog to train and Rachie and Mark attended many tournaments with the Breakaways with only box loading and ball collecting duties to keep them entertained until Charlie was ready for open racing.  He was a stubborn boy then and still is now.  He continued to run out and still needed training. 

Charlies Open debut came at Eggborough on 24th May 2003, He only gained 5 points all day (back in the day when you could gain 1 point per leg :)). He still needed some work but Valerie and the team were determined to crack this case.  He continued gaining very few points at each tournament until at Hoar Park on 19th June 2004 (Rachie and Mark's Fifth Wedding anniversary) Charlie gained his Flyball Dog Award (200 points).

After a few more tournaments of Charlie doing things his way, the penny finally dropped and Charlie became a full time member of the Break-Aways (UK) .  He was a member of the team who first went sub 22 seconds, quite an achivement for us at the time. 

Charlie was the start of Rachie and Marks Flyball journey.  Mark ran Charlie and Rachie boxloaded, but she wanted to run a dog and along came an adorable Black and White Girl called Gemma. This little Princess GB (Gemma Bear) was the opposite to her big brother and was a complete natural and when Gemma turned 18 months she did her first open and gained her Flyball Dog award on her Debut.  So They both had a dog to run now and had completely been bitten by the flyball bug.

Charlie continued to be a reliable Speedy boy for Break-aways until we left and joined the Mansfield Marnicks.  Charlie ran with the Marnicks from 27th August 2006 until We decided to form our own team "Alpha Dogz" in October 2007.  Charlies first Race in our Black and Blues was November 27th at Newark. 

During the Marnicks and Alpha Dogz forming the Child household had grown and along came Teddy who was also running for his Dad along with Charlie and Milo.  Rachie wanted another dog to run as there was quite an inbalance.  Rachie had always wanted a Jack Russell and after the tragic death of Ozzy at 9 weeks she found Ben.  Ben was Charlie's present!  A nice little height dog which would mean that Charlie could run over 7 inches for some races.  Ben is truly a wonderful charector and I do believe he has helped his big (not so grateful) brother have the long and happy racing career he has.

Boris came along in 2009 to complete Charlies Family.

Charlie is a wonderful ambassador for our sport.  He is dedicated, stubborn and always gave 100%.  He has been a wonderful "stooge dog" , we gave him to new handlers who needed exoerience and has been run by Many over the years.  Thanks to Gromit, John and many others who have run him.  I sure they all have scars to prove they have , I know I have after running him for a season.  His enthusiasm often resulted in love bites for his handler. :)

Charlie has competed in 10 British Championships, and at his last one in 2013 he gained his last ever BFA points.  He retired after achieving his Chica Chicana award and a fantastic 47118 points at 11 years old. He has attended 5 European Championships, 2 in UK, 2 in Belgium and 1 in Germany. His last ever race was in Belgium at EFC13.  He also acheived the amazing feat of 10 years racing in May 2013.

Thank you to all the people who we have had the pleasure of racing with, Break-Aways (UK) and Mansfield Marnicks and of course Alpha Dogz, these acievements would not have been possible without you all.

We have alot to thank Charlie for, He introduced his Mum and Dad to Flyball, which in turn introduced Me and Andy (If Rachie does something , I have to do it. its in the twin Bible).  He Helped us all meet some of the best friends we have and in turn along with these friends we formed Alpha Dogz Flyball Team which we are immensely proud. 

So when do you retire a dog who still loves his Flyball?  Well Rachie always said that Charlie would show us when it was time, and he Did. 

Charlie boy you are an inspiration and a Dog in a million, Thank you for what you have given us all and for being the ALPHA DOG ORIGINAL

Enjoy your retirement Charlie!

Rebecca and Alpha Dogz


Massive congratulations to Taylor and Andy who gained thier Gold Award (15,000 points) at Milton Equestrian Centre on 9th November 2013. 

This award would not have been possible without Gaz who runs Taylor when Andy is running Bobby, so a massive Thank you to Him for all his help.

Taylor continues to run in Alpha Dogz and is now reliable after some habit forming running out after an injury.  This all seems to be a distant memory and Taylor is back on form.  This award has been very slow coming due to the injury set backs that Taylor has had but we hope he will continue to be injury free , He has had his fair share of time out. :)

Well done to Andy , Taylor and Gaz on achieving this award, We are very proud of you!  Here to your first Landmark award next time x


Massive congratulations to Mellie and John who gained thier Ice Blue Moon Award (20,000 points) at Milton Equestrian Centre on 9th November 2013.

Mellie continues to run in Alpha Dogz and she is a strong, fast and reliable dog who can run in any postition.

Mellie along with her teamies in Alpha Dogz has run in 4 European Championships and they have achieved a podium finish at each one. She is also one of the four dogs which achieved our clubs fastest ever time. Quite an achievment for a young dog with Mellie not yet 5 years old.

John and Mellie make a really great partnership and she thoroughly enjoys her flyball.  This award is the first of the Landmark BFA awards and will gain the Clarke Household thier second bit of glassware which I am sure will take pride of place.

Well done John and Mellie, We are sure this is the first of many Landmark BFA awards for you both, We are very proud of you!!

KAOS- Flyball Dog Intermediate

Huge congratulations to Kaos and Alison who gained thier Flyball Dog Intermediate award (1000 points) at Drax on 26th October.

Alison and Kaos are proving to make a really good team, both lacking in confidence and experience at the start, they have come on leaps and bounds and continue to improve with each competition.

We are very proud of Alison for running a dog, especially one as boisterous as our "special k"

Well done to Kaos and Alison, looking forward to the awards that will follow for this great partership.

EFC14 Announced.....

The European Flyball Championships in 2014 will be hosted by The Flying Norman Dogs in France.

More details to follow on the official website



Pumpkin- Platinum Award

Massive congratulations to Pumpkin and John on gaining her Platinum Award (25,000 points) at The British Championships on 17th August 2013.

Pumpkin made her open debut at Carlton Towers in March 2008 and continues to be a very reliable girl.  She has competed at 4 European Flyball Championships missing out on the fifth in 2013 due to eating 44 Ibuprofen tablets and being very poorly in the vets.  Thankfully is appears Pumpkin has more than 2 lives as she has survived the ordeal and is back to her normal happy self. 

Pumpkin currently runs in Alpha Bedlam and is a consistant, reliable dog who is an asset to the team.

Many congratualtions to Pumpkin and John on gaining this award, Very well done!!!

T4- Ice Blue Moon Award

Huge congratulations to T4, Jakob, Alistair and Alison on gaining his Ice Blue Moon Award (20,000 points) at The British Championships on 16th August 2013.

This is the first of the BFA Landmark awards achieved by the Aubrey-Wilson / Mann household after 11 years of playing flyball so is obviously very special.

T4 is a special lad who would have been a forever starter dog if left to Alison.  However after some gentle encouragement (ahem...) T4 made his open debut at Drax and has never looked back.

T4 currently runs in Alpha Anarchy and is a consistant reliable height dog who is an asset to the team.

Massive congratulations to all involved in gaining this award, we are very proud of you all!!







      EFC 2013 Belgium - Results




Alpha Dogz-Division 3 3rd Place




Alpha Ville-Division 11 5th place




Alphas Abroad-Division 13 5th place

 Alpha Dogz - Division 3

Alpha Ville - Division 11

Alphas Abroad - Division 13



Congratulations to Becsie and Diggy who gained thier Gold Award (15,000 points) at Darley Moor on 29th June 2013.

Diggy is a comical little boy who does Flyball purely for the treats and the quality time he spends with his Mum.  He is an absolute little star and is a very consistant , reliable boy who currently runs in Alpha Mischief.

Well done Diggy and Becsie on this award, The Alphas are very proud of you!!!!!


Huge congratualtions to Ben and Rachie on gaining thier Silver Award (10,000 points) at Eastham on 16th June 2013. 

Ben is a Mummy's boy so it is quite fitting he gained these last few long awaited points on his Mum's Birthday.

Ben is a little super star with a massive personality.  He is the team joker and we all enjoy watching him play flyball.  Being a terrier he does Flyball on his terms and provides the team with lots of entertainment. (not sure Rachie finds his antics quite so amusing). 

Ben has been a "Super Sub" many times for Alpha Dogz.  When we had an injury in Alpha Dogz Ben stepped up to the mark and ran in a 4 dog team for many tournaments gaining 25 points a leg Thanks to Him and 3 quick doggies.  Ben currently shares a space with his Old Brother Charlie, running alternate competitons. They are both certainly benefiting from the Job Share. 

This award has taken 3 years to achieve, and we have had much fun along the way.  His Last award was gained in May 2010.

Huge congratualtions to Rachie and Ben, Here's to the Gold award in another 3 years!! 

Well done Little Boop.  We are all very proud of you for running your little terrier toes off!!




Fudge and Sue achieved thier Gold Award (15,000 points ) at Eastham on 16th June 2013.  The Eastham tournament marked one year anniversary since Sue, Gaz and Fudge joined Alpha Dogz so it was quite fitting he should get his next award there. 

Fudge is currently run in Alpha Bedlam by Sue and is a reliable and consistent member of the team. 

Congratulations to Sue and Fudge, All the Alphas are very proud of you!!!

BORIS- Flyball Dog Graduate

Congratulation to Boris, Rachie and Mark on achieving his Flyball Dog Graduate (3000 points) at Drax on 4th May 2013. 

Boris has recently returned to racing after a lengthy break due to injury.  He is now run by Mark on Alpha Anarchy and he continues to gain confidence with each competition.

Well done to Boris, Mark and Rachie on achieving this award and here is to many more!!!


Huge congratulations to Elfin and Cathie who gained thier Flyball Dog GOLD award (15,000 points) at Sherbrooke on 13th April.

Elfin currently runs in Alpha Dogz and is the team height dog running every leg.  Both her and Cathie have gained lots of confidence over the past couple of seasons and are a great partnership. Elfin is an asset to Alpha Dogz and is an integral part of the team allowing the bigger collies an easier time of it due to the lower jumps. 

We are all very proud of Elfin and Cathie and we are sure there will be many more awards to come for these girls. There is a race to see if Elfin or her sister Mellie will reach the milestone awards first.

Kaos - Flyball Dog Award

Massive congratulations to Kaos along with Alison who gained thier Flyball Dog Award (200 points) at Sherbrooke on 13th April.

The Flyball Dog award is the first award achieved and for this reason is always very special. Kaos continues to gain confidence with every tournament and this will be the first of many awards for our "Special K". Special mention to Alison who continues to handle Kaos very well after not running a dog for many years.

Well done Alison and Kaos, You make a very good team!!

Princess Gemma - Diamond Award

Gemma has made Alpha Dogz team History yet again... 

On 30th March at Newark Rachie and Gemma gained thier Flyball Diamond Award (60,000 points). The first Alpha Dog to do so.

Gemma is a very special Girl and she has a very special bond with her Mum Rachel.  After boxloading for Charlie and watching Mark run him.  Rachie decided she wanted a dog of her own to run.  She was surfing online and saw a picture of a dog and said " I want one just like that".  Valerie, our team captain at the time knew of some breeders and contacted Sue Large of Wizaland.  Sue had just had a littler and had a girl available that was not suitable for showing due to her mis- mark.  When Rachie went to visit this little puppy it was love at first sight.  The strangest thing was that in conversation Rachie mentioned the photo she had seen online and it turned out that the dog in the picture was Toots, Gemmas Mum.  It was obvioulsy meant to be.

Gemma went home with Rachie and Mark and had them both wrapped around her princess paw from day one.  When she was old enough, Gemma started flyball training and was a complete natural.  Within a few training sessions she had this flyball lark sussed.  at 18 months old In March 2005 she made her open debut at market Harborough and gained her Flyball Dog in her first tournament.  Since her debut Gemma has never put a paw wrong.  He is an absolute star and can run in any position however Rachie prefers to run her first. 

Gemma has been an asset to our team for many reasons.  She has helped many new members gain experience by allowing them to run her in competition.  She has been a stooge dog used for training dogs, always remaining in her own lane and running back to Mum even when mad youngsters fly at her.  Gemma will run for anyone..  At one competition the organisers were stuck for a judge for the division that Gemma was running in, Rachie said its ok, I will do it and someone else can Run Gem.  Gemma ran the whole division ignoring her Mum completely and when the whistle blew to end the last race she ran over screeching and jumped up to her mum, saying "ive done my job, now time for cuddles".

Gemma is a sweet natured but feistly girl.  She doesnt tolerate fools gladly and soon puts the youngsters in thier place when needed.  She loves her cuddles and is constantly jumping up wanting to be the centre of attention. ( to be fair to her, thats because she has been allowed to ). 

Gemma currently runs in Alpha Bedlam. She usually runs first dog.  This is more to do with Rachies dubious changeovers more than anything else.  She is a very consistant and reliable girl who just loves to please her Mum. Gemma will be 10 years old this year but you would never know it. 

Alpha Dogz are extremely proud of Rachie and Gemma gaining this award. She is only the 22nd dog in the history of the BFA to achieve this award and obviously the first Alpha Dog ( Much to her older brother Charlie's dismay).  We are sure she will continue to race for a very long time to come and will continue to gain more awards and make Alpha Dogs history. 

Well done Gemma and Rachie!!!


Teddy - Chica Chicana Award

Huge congratulations to Teddy, Mark and Rachie on gaining thier Chica Chicana Award (40,000 points) at Newark on 31st March 2013.  This is a very prestegious award and only 89 other dogs in the history of the BFA have achieved it. He joins his Brothers Charlie and Milo and Sisters Gemma and Ruby who have also reached this award in the past for Alpha Dogz.

Teddy has been competing at flyball since June 2007.  He made his open debut at 18 months old and has never looked back.  Teddy is the consumate professional and is a fast and reliable dog.  He can run in any position and remains one of the teams fastest dogs.  He is the unsung hero of Alpha Dogz and continues to run as well at nearly 8 years old.

Teddy joined the Child Family as a 10 week old puppy along with his sister Ruby who joined the Solomon's.  Originally Teddy was meant to be Rachie's Dog but this didnt happen as Teddy ran better for his Dad Mark.  Rachel has run Teddy for the last few tournaments and it is quite ironic that she ran him at the competition where he gained his points for this award.  This being said i'm sure Rachie would agree that the credit for this award goes to Teddy and Mark who continue to make a great team.  

Well done Boys, I am sure this milestone award will not be the last and we look forward to many more years of racing for Teddy.


Rachel was asked by the kennel Club to Judge Flyball at this years Crufts,  Here she is with her Ring Party.  She did herself, her team and the Kennel Club proud. 


     L-R  Darren Dent   Rebecca Solomon   Rachel Child  Sharon Allcorn  Steve Leek


Rachel to Judge Flyball - Crufts 2013

Alpha Dogz are excited to announce that our team captain Rachel has been invited by the Kennel Club to Judge the flyball Competition at Crufts 2013.  This is a great honour and our team are very proud of her.

Rachie has asked Team members Becsie and John along with Steve Leek and Sharon Allcorn to be her ring party judges.  Well done Rachie, you will do our team proud!!!   We will post some pictures after the event from 7-9 March.

Kaos - Open Debut at Gap Farm

Kaos made his open debut at Gap Farm in December, He had been running in intermediates for a few competition and was doing very well.  He was on the sheet for warm ups but Cathie decided to shock Alison and put Kaos in the team for one leg.  He completed like the Special K that he is and gained his first 10 Flyball points.

Kaos is a very clever little fella and continues to gain confidence with every competition.  He is Run by his Mum Alison when she can manage it , but has a couple of able reseves in Alistair and Auntie Rachie if needed.  We are confident that with a few more competitons under his belt Kaos will become a flyball Dog and gain his first certificate.

Well done Kaos and Alison, Your fellow Alpha Dogz are very proud of you.!!!

 Mellie - Gold Award

Huge congratulations to John and Mellie who gained thier Gold award (15,000 points) at Drax on 27th October.

Mellie has run in Alpha Dogz since her open debut at 18 months old and is a consistant reliable girl who can run in any position.

Well done to this great partnership, There will be many more awards to come,the next being the first BFA Milestone award.




Huge Congratulations to Becsie and Ruby who gained thier Chica Chicana Award (40,000 points) at Sherbrooke Scout Camp on 23rd September.

Ruby who is 7 in December, has been racing since she was 18 months old and is currently a Height dog in Alpha Bedlam.  She is a consistant reliable girlie who is very excitable, Sometimes showing her excitement with love bites to her Mums dismay.

Chica Chicana award is a BFA milestone award and Ruby follows in her successful cousins footsteps with Gemma, Charlie and Milo being the only other Alpha Dogz to gain this award.

We are very proud of our little Girl and are sure she will gain many more awards, although she may have to wait a while for the next one at 50,000.....  She will get there!!!

 Jeronimo Jackson- Starters Debut

Good luck to Jacky Joe who will make his starters Debut on Sunday 14th October at Alpha Dogz Starters show at Newark Showground.

We are very much looking forward to seeing how Jackson Does in his first competition, We are sure he will do us all proud.

Good Luck to Jackson, Gaz and Sue.........



Huge congratulation to Holly , Sue and Gaz who gained thier Flyball Silver award (10,000 points) at Sutton Fields on 9th September.

Holly joined Alpha Anarchy in June and has become an integral part of the team.  She is very reliable and never puts a paw wrong.

Well done Holly!!  She has both brains and beauty......


 Huge congratulations to Taylor and Andy who Gained thier Flyball Silver Award at British Championships on 19th August 2012.

This is a very special award for these two boys due to Taylor being out of racing for 6 months due to a shoulder Injury.  Taylor was suffering from a medial Shoulder instability.  This meant he had to wear a special shoulder brace for over 4 months.  He then had many treatments of Laser and hydrotherapy before he was declared fit for a return to racing.  He made his return to racing at Easter at our favourite venue of Tai Lawr with him doing one leg per race.  It was a very emotional day for his Mum and Dad and our team. 

Over the past few months Taylor has made a steady return to racing and is now running well in Alpha Dogz .  We are still careful not to push him too hard and listen to what he is telling us when he runs out (although we now feel this is more habit than Injury ). We do not run him in very slippery conditions as we do not want to risk further injury or a re occurance of the instability.

Thank you to everyone who has treated Taylor during his injury and who continue to do so.  We are very proud of him and hope he has many more years of injury free racing.

Well done Taylor and Andy on achieving 10,000 Flyball Points, there will be many more to come!!!!!





For Televised coverage of the European Flyball Championships 2012 please follow the following link : The Flyball starts at 2.45 minutes.
Alpha Dogz are very proud to of Co-hosted this event and this this coverage is Excellent.  It is greatfor the future of Flyball for it to be shown in such a positive way, Thank you Dog World TV for the exposure.

Welcome !! Alpha Dogz are thrilled to welcome our new members Sue and Gaz to the team.  We welcome them with thier 4 dogs, Benny, Fudge, Holly Berry and Jeronimo Jackson.  Thier first official tournament as Alphas will be Eastham on 16/17th June.  We look forward to them running with us and being part of the team.

Kaos- His Starter Debut Larden Green 12th May










Kaos made his Starters debut at Larden Green on 12th May 2012.   With a little Help from the Alpha VID's (Marnie, Maxie and Annie) and Snoop from Chilli Peppers they came away with a fourth place rosette. 

Kaos was a super star.  It was a fun and entertaining start, with Kaos finding jumping the backboards more fun than racing.  He would fly down to the box full of enthusiasm and then jump the backboards and have a run round, while Alistair, Alison and Jakob tried to catch him.  Much fun for Kaos, not so for the catchers.  Eventually they decided to use a treat bucket as they do for T4 and hey presto, a fully focused Springador emerged.  Kaos went from doing only warm ups to completing all three legs in the last race without putting a paw wrong and heading straight back to Alistair with the trusty bucket of Garlic Sausage.  Our newest recruit to racing was a little star and we look forward to seeing him evolve and gain confidence with every show.  Next stop for this lively excitable Springador is Eastham so watch this space, and make sure you bring the Bucket Alison...

What a clever little Sausage (excuse the pun) lol   Alpha Dogz are extremely proud of Kaos

MILO- Chica Chicana Award

Congratulations to Mark and Milo on gaining thier Chica Chicana Award (40,000 Points) at Larden Green on 12th May 2012.

Milo is 8 years old and still as fit as he was at 2 years old.  He continues to be a consistant reliable dog in his team Alpha Bedlam. The Chica Chicana Award is a special landmark award and is proof of Milo's successful racing career so far.  For Most people and dogs this would be a one off occasion to reach this award, but Milo follows in the very successful footsteps of his Brother Charlie and Sister Gemma who have gained this award also.  The Child family are certainly very high achievers , Im sure they will continue to earn more special awards.

This truly is a very special and rare achievement in Flyball only 79 dogs in the history of the BFA has gained this award.

Congratulations to Mark and Milo on this recent award.



   PUMPKIN- ICE BLUE MOON 12/5/12                        T4 - GOLD 12/5/12

PUMPKIN - Ice Blue Moon Award.

Congratulations to John and Pumpkin who gained thier Ice Blue Moon Award (20,000 Points) at Larden Green on 12th May.

Pumpkin is a very special girl who overcame Meningitis as a puppy to become the gorgeous dog she is now.  She continues to be a very consistant reliable dog ( Unless there is a photographer in the ring who she thinks may be her Daddy ) and is an asset to her team Alpha Anarchy being one of the fastest in the team.  She loves being start dog and seems to relish the job.  This award is pretty special in the Clarke Household as after over 10 years in Flyball this is the first landmark award and of course the first piece of Glassware for the mantle Piece.  Clever Girl Orange thing.

Conratulations to both John and Pumpkin on this recent award.

T4 - Gold Award

Congratulations to Jakob, Alison, Alistair and of course T4 on gaining his Gold Award (15,000 points) at Larden Green on 12th May 2012.

Alpha Dogz are extremely proud of Our Toller Boy T4, he has overcome adversity this year after a serious illness resulting in his being diagnosed with Diabetes.  Despite this, with careful care taken by Alison, Alistair and Jakob he continues to race successfully and is an asset to his team Alpha Bedlam.  He is an Important height dog in this team. This is the first of the family's dogs to reach the Gold award so this is very Special to them.

Congratulations to Alison, Alistair, Jakob and T4 on this recent award.

Alpha Dogz- Fastest ever seed time 17.26..

  Taylor                      Teddy                Mellie                   Jessie                  Elfin

These clever Doggies were all part of the team who gained Alpha Dogz fastest ever seed time at WoodGreen on 21st April 2012. This was only the teams second outing so hopefully as the team gels , they will get quicker.  Watch this space........

ELFIN- Silver Award

Congratulations to Cathie and Elfin on gaining her Silver Award (10,000 Points) at Tai Lawr on 7th April 2012.

Elfin is a consistant height dog in our First team Alpha Dogz.  She is Instrumental in helping her team mate Taylor return to racing after a serious shoulder injury and has to work extra hard because of it to keep the jumps lower for him. We are very grateful to her for this,  She was also part of the team that achieved our fastest ever seed time this year.

Congratulations to Cathie and Elfin on this recent award.

PASHLEY - Gold Award

Congratulations to Juliet and Pashley for gaining thier Gold Award (15,000 Points) at Drax on 24th March 2012.

Pashley is a consistant reliable dog and continues to be an asset to his team Alpha Anarchy.  Pashley is Juliets first dog to reach the dizzy heights of the Gold certificate so she is very proud of him.  Im not sure his sister Marnie would agree as he has now overtaken her in the points tally and this certainly wont suit this little Diva.

Congratulations to Juliet and Pashley on this recent award.


Jessie- Flyball Dog Graduate

Congratulations to Juliet and Jessie who gained their Flyball dog Graduate award (3000 points) at Drax on 24th March 2012.

Jessie is a very special dog as she has an impediment that she has to sustain having half a lung missing.  She was injured as a puppy when she had a fight with a tree, and the tree won .  She is successfully running in Alpha Dogz and was part of the team who achieved our fastest ever seed time.

Well done to both Juliet and Jessie on this recent award.

 Teddy- Jade Award

Congratulations to Mark and Teddy on gaining thier Jade Award (35,000 Points) at Gap Farm on 18th February 2012.

Teddy is 6 years old and continues to be consistantly one of our fastest dogs.  He has been in Alpha Dogz for his whole racing career and is part of the team who achieved our fastest ever seed time.  He is a very enthusiastic boy and continues to enjoy his racing.  We are sure there will be many more landmark award for Teddy and we look forward to celebrating them.

Well done to Mark and Teddy on this recent award.!!

DIGGY - Silver Award

Congratulations to Becsie and Diggy for gaining thier Silver Award (10,000 points) at Gap Farm on 21st January 2012.

Diggy is a comical little dog and enjoys flyball for the time he spends with Mum and the treats!  He was very difficult to train in the beginning but is now a relaible albeit somewhat inconsistant flyball dog.  Diggy gets tired (or Bored) quickly and continues to entertain his team mates in Alpha Anarchy.

Congratulations to Becsie and Diggy on this recent award.

 BORIS- Flyball Dog Intermediate

Congratulations to Boris and Rachie on gaining their Flyball dog Intermediate award (1000 points) at Gap Farm on 21st January 2012.

Boris is a steady learner and continues to make progress and gains confidence after every competition.  He is a very sensitive boy and loves the attention he recieves when him and his Mum are racing.  He does however take after his older Brother Charlie in that he chooses to do things his way. 

Congratulations to Boris and Rachie on this recent award.

Ruby- JADE AWARD- Massive congratulations to Ruby and Becsie who gained the points for their JADE award (35,000 Points) at Gap Farm on 10th December.  6 Year old Ruby has been racing since she was 18 months old and is currently the height dog in Alpha Dogz.  She is a reliable little dog and never puts a paw wrong.  I am sure she will be racing for many years to come, so here is to many more landmark awards.  Well Done Girls!!!

Bobby- PEARL AWARD- Congratulations to Bobby and Andy who gained the points for their PEARL award (30,000 points) at Gap Farm on 10th December.  6 year old Bobby was a very difficult dog to train to do flyball and it was a very tough road.  We never dreamed he would reach the dizzy heights of his Pearl Award.  He has run in Alpha Dogz since the team was created and is an integral part of the team running start dog.  Huge congratulation to them Both !!!

Mellie- SILVER AWARD-  Huge congratulations to Mellie and John who gained the points for their SILVER award (10,000 points) at Gap Farm on 19th December. Mellie has run in Alpha dogz as a 4 dog team since graduating from Starter 18 months ago and is a integral part of the team.  Well done Mellie and John, wont be long before you reach the Landmark awards.

Jessie- Flyball Dog Intermediate.  Well done to Jessie,Kenny and Juliet who Gained their Flyball Dog Intermediate Award (1000 Points) at Gap Farm on 5th November.  Jessie has really gained in confidence in her last couple of tournaments and has become a solid , reliable team member in Bedlam, Not bad for a dog who had her first Open Tournament only 4 months ago.  Well done to them both!!!!

Jessie- FLYBALL DOG.  Congratulations to Jessie and Kenny who achieved their Flyball Dog Award (200 Points) at Sutton Fields on 11th September.
This was gained at Jessie's 3rd Competition.  Huge Well done to them Both.  

Boris- Flyball Dog -Huge congratulations to Boris and Rachie who gained thier Flyball dog certificate at Drax on 27th August. This was only Boris's second open competition,  What a superstar. Well Done Boris and Rachie!!!!



What a special start to their racing careers.. Both Boris and Jessie came our fighting for their open debut in Germany.

Boris raced on Saturday in Alpha Ville with seasoned Pros, Charlie, Pumpkin, Holly, Diggy and Pashley.  He was amazing, and far exceed his Mums Expectations of him..  Yee of little faith Mummy Rachie.  Boris was Such a clever Boy!!

Jessie raced on Sunday in Alphas Abroad with more seasoned Pros, Fudge, Samson, Benny, Elfin and Milo.  Jessie was also a very clever girlie doing amazingly well. Jessie got very tired in the afternoon so had a well earned rest. Jessie is such a special Girl!!.

Both Boris and Jessie will certainly be ones to watch as their racing careers progress.  All the Alphas are soooooo proud of our babies.

Welcome to racing with the big boys and Girls to Boris and Jessie.


Alpha Ville Division 9- Fourth Place

Alphas Abroad Divison 4- Fifth Place

Alpha Dogz Division 2- WINNERS


Congratulations to all three Alpha Teams who competed in Germany.  There were many highlights including Hatchford Brooks, Sue, Gaz and Jayne Joining us and becoming honorary Alphas for the Weekend.  Boris and Jessie made their open racing debut and were both fantastic, and finally Alpha Dogz won Division 2.  What a great team effort after being seeded last in the Division.  Consistancy was the key to this amazing win!.




Newark Showground 15th 16th October 2011                Due to the success of last years event, Alpha Dogz are pleased to announce that we will be holding a Starters Competition at this event again this year.For an entry form please contact Rachel on or go to our documents page to download


Introducing Kaos
Newest Baby Alpha

We are thrilled to announce a new member to the Alpha Dogz family.  Meet Kaos.

Kaos will join his brothers Moo and T4 living with Alison , Alistair and Jakob.

Welcome to the team little Fella.

See Kaos in his Photo Album on this site.

Princess Gemma - SAPPHIRE Award

Enormous congratulations to Gemma and Rachel who became the first Alpha Dogz to gain thier BFA Sapphire Award.  This is a massive 50,000 points and the whole Alpha Dogz team are very proud of both Rachel and Gemma for achieving this landmark award at Sutton Fields on 15th May 2011.

Gemma started racing in March 2005 and achieved her first points and indeed her Flyball dog award at her first competition at Market Harborough. It has taken Gemma a relatively short space of time to achive her Sapphire award, Gemma has been racing for just over 6 years.

Princess was always a natural at Flyball and is a pleasure to run and watch.  She is what we effectionately call a "point and Shoot" dog, anyone can run her and she will be as consistant.  She has helped train lots of dogs and handlers alike and is a very clever girl.  She has brains as well as beauty. 

To put this award into perspective only 30 dogs in the history of the British Flyball association have gained this award before Gemma, she is the 31st dog to gain 50,000 points. 

Gemma is only 8 years old, so i am sure she will go on to gain more landmark awards and continue to make Alpha Dog History. 

Huge congratualtions to Rachel and Gemma on this milestone award, we are all very proud of you both.




Congratulations to T4 and Jakob who gained their Silver award at Sutton Fields on 15th May.

This is the first of many BFA milestone awards for these boys and here is to many more to come.

Congratulations to Jakob, Alison, Alistair and T4 on gaining 10,000 points.

Teddy - PEARL Award

Congratulations to Teddy and Mark who gained his Pearl Award (30,000 Points) at Prissick Base Middlesbrough on 7th May.

Alot of miles and a huge amount of effort have contributed to this award, Well done Boys!

Bobby - PLATINUM Award

Congratulations to Andy and Bobby who gained their Platinum award (25,000 Points) at Mottram St Andrews on 30th April.

Bobby was a challenge to train and it is a huge achievement to reach this landmark Award. See his Story on the "Never Give Up" Page.

Well done to both Andy and Bobby, Here's to many more awards to come!!!

 Elfin - Flyball Dog Advanced

Congratulations to Cathie and Elfin on Gaining their Flyball Dog Advanced Award at Mottram St Andrews on 2nd May.

Well done Girls on gaining 5000 points


Rachel and Mark's 9 year old Border Collie Charlie has gained his Chica Chicana Award. (40,000 Points)

Charlie has been racing since Rachie and Mark started Flyball and was the reason they got involved.  Charlie's first points were gained at Eggborough on 24th May 2003, he got 5 points..  Charlie was a challenge to train and Rachie and Mark attended tournaments originally just for him to do warm ups and for Rachie to Box load. 

7 years later and Charlie is at the great heights of 40,000 points.  Only 63 dogs in the British Flyball association have gained this award so far.  Charlie is still racing succesfully in Alpha Anarchy and doesnt know the meaning of the saying "take it easy, old man"!..  Long may his long career in Flyball continue. 

We have Charlie to thank for the creation of Alpha Dogz, If Rachie and Mark hadnt found flyball for Charlie, we wouldnt have our Great team,  Thank you Boo.

Huge congraulations to Mark and Charlie on achieving his Chica Chicana Award, we will certainly be celebrating when they get their certificate.


These Images were designed by Sunnyside Photography and we had a commerative Tshirt done for Mark to celebrate the occasion.

 RUBY- Pearlie Girlie

Congratulations to Becsie and Ruby who have gained their Flyball Pearl Award (30,000 Points)

The points were gained at Flyball's spiritual home, Tai Lawr Anglesey in April 2011.

Huge congratulations to Becsie and Ruby, Ruby is now a Pearlie Girlie and here's to many more awards over the coming years.


Congratulations to Our New "Golden Girl" Pumpkin, She gained her Gold Award at Drax on 26th March 2011.

Well done to Pumps and John and Cathie on Gaining 15,000 Flyball Points. A Great Achievement for our Toller Girlie!

Mellie -  Flyball Dog Advanced

Congratulations to Mellie and John on Gaining their Flyball Dog Advanced at Gap Farm on 19th February 2010.

Well done to both John and Mellie on gaining 5000 points.

Elfin- Flyball Dog Graduate

Cathie and Elfin gained their Flyball Dog Graduate award at Woodgreen Animal Shelter on 22nd January 2010

Well done Girls on 3000 points gained!

Taylor - Flyball Dog Advanced

Taylor and Andy gained thier Flyball Dog Advanced Award at Woodgreen Animal Shelter on 22nd January 2010.

Well done to both Andy and Taylor on 5000 points gained.

Pashley Silver Award

Huge Congratulations to Pashley and Juliet on Gaining his Flyball Dog Silver award at Gap Farm on 11th December.  

Well done little Fella , you are a Star 

Crufts 2011

Rachel and Rebecca had the honour of Line Judging Flyball at Crufts this year.  It was an amazing experience that lasted 3 day at Birminghams NEC. We were joined by our Judge Steve Leek and fellow Line Judges Val Currie and Nichol Fisher. There was some great racing resulting in the Four Finalists Nuneaton Titans, Wilmslow DTC, Dream Team and Warrington Wizards.  After some close racing it was won by Dream Team, Warrington Wizards came a close second, Nuneaton Titans were Third and Wilmslow DTC a well earned 4th Place.  Well done to all team who competed.  

Congratulations to the following Dogs and Handlers on getting their next awards:

Mark & Milo have gained 30, 000 Pearl Award







Mark and Teddy have gained 25, 000 Platinum







 Rebecca and Diggy have gained 5,000 Flyball Dog Advanced









Jessie and Boris will be coming of age in January 2011, which means they can  compete in starters competitions, Juliet and Rachel are looking forward to running their puppies......

   EFC 2011 Details announced

     Zum Homborn 9, 46325

    Borken, Germany
 See you There...........


Alpha Dogz competed at the British Flyball Championships at Southam on 13, 14, 15th August.

We had three teams entered which were Alpha Dogz (Div 4), Alpha Bedlam (Div 18) and Alpha Anarchy (Div 25).

Alpha Anarchy ran on Saturday.. All the dogs raced well, Maxie went lame in the morning so the team was down to 5 dogs. Anarchy came 5th in thier Division.

Alpha Bedlam also raced on Saturday and were amazing and won their division. The First Alpha Dogz team to win at the Championships.  Well done to all the dogs. Gemma, Milo, Pumkin, T4 and Taylor. ANd of course to the handlers who managed to hold thier nerve.

Alpha Dogz raced on Sunday in Div 4.  We were up against some very stiff competiton and came 5th in the division.



Ben achieved the points for his Flyball Dog Advanced award (5000 points) at Daventry on 30th May.

Ben is one of the characters in Flyball. He is a very consistant height dog who gives his all (most of the time lol) for his team Alpha Anarchy. He brings a smile to alot of faces when he is running and has a lot of admirers in the sport.

He has steadily gained the points for all his awards and long may it continue.

Huge congratulations to Ben and Rachie xxx


 Taylor achieved his Flyball Dog award on his racing debut at Daventry on 30th May.

 Taylor has set the standards pretty high for his racing career, within 3 months of his debut he has been part of teams that have come second at the European Championships and Won thier Division at the British Championships.

Well done to Andy and Taylor, A Star in the making!!!




Annie - Flyball Dog Advanced

 Annie and John achieved their Flyball Dog Advanced award (5000 Points) at Sutton Fields on 16th May.

We would all like to congratulate John and Annie on achieving this award, they have both worked very hard.

It just shows perseverance does pay off...  Looking forward to their next award!!!

Well done guys

Max- Flyball Dog Advanced

 Max has achieved his Flyball Dog Advanced Award at Middlesborough on 7th May 2010.

Max started Flyball in 2004, and has had quite a rocky road to this award.  He made a  good start to his flyball career achieving his first few awards quite quickly.  He did however play flyball by his own rules, and still does.  In 2006 when Max had 4500 points Rebecca and Andy decided to return Max to starters as he was consistantly running out.  We were happy for him to continue in starters for the rest of his flyballing days as this was as much fun for Maxie but was less stress for Becsie .

In 2009 Shannon Mills took over running Max in starters and she did very well.  Shannon and Amanda had faith in Max and at training one day said "if we can get Max to run in 10 times without netting can we put him in open?".  Becsie said yes thinking it would never happen.  Well Max indeed did 10 runs, and he was put on the team sheet for Mischief at Rotherham in October.  He achieved 65 points and we were all thrilled.  Shannon continued to run Max ( him sometimes playing by his own rules = running out) and he achieved the points he needed for his Advanced award in May.

We are absolutely thrilled, Max has decided to play Flyball again, and he is now 9 years old and enjoying it more than ever, He even ran over 12 inches last weekend!!!!    long may it continue....  Well Done Maxie for being a good boy

T4- Flyball Dog Graduate

Jakob and T4 achieved their Flyball Dog Graduate Award (3000 points) at Mottram St Andrews on 3rd May 2010. They achieved their points in the multi breed competition which is very nice, as there are only a handful of Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retrivers competing in BFA Flyball. Alpha Dogz are lucky enough to have two of them in T4 and Pumpkin who has just achieved her silver.

Very Well done to T4 and Jakob who had a slightly rocky start to flyball, but due to Jakobs perseverence, they are quite the pair of professionals now.

Well done , Keep up the good work!!!



Pumpkin achieved her SILVER AWARD (10, 000 Points) at Mottram St Andrews on 4th May 2010.

Huge congratulations to Both Cathie and Pumpkin, Well done to you Both.

Go the Orange thing !!!!!.......( Cathies words not mine)




Diggy achieved his Flyball Dog Graduate award (3,000 Points) at Mottram St Andrews on 4th May 2010.

Congratualtions to Becsie and Diggy.  Also thanks Auntie Rachie, Uncle John and Auntie Cathie for running Digstar too, also to Andy (Dig's Dad) for Boxloading.. He wouldnt do without Dad on the box.

Go another Orange thing lol.... 



 Taylor's Open Debut

Taylor was officially 18 months old on 30th May 2010.  He made his debut in open racing in Alpha Bedlam.

He did not put a paw wrong and gained enough points for his Flyball Dog certificate.  Go TT.!!

Congratulations to both Andy and Taylor, looking forward to a successful racing career.





Alpha Dogz in Training Fastest starters team ever.........

At Sutton Fields in May Alpha Dogz in training broke the record for the fastest starter team.

Mellie, Elfie, Taylor and Blake (Water Orton) ran in 17.55 secs!!

These are certainly 4 dogs to watch in the future, Well done to our babies.



      MARK AND HIS BOYS                                         

                       CHARLIE- JADE & MILO- PLATINUM

Congratulations to Mark,Boo and Milo! Their awards will be presented at Wirral on 19th June

Taylors Debut !!!

Taylor has finally come of age and competed in his first Starters competion on 29th November 2009, he did not put a paw wrong and ran perfectly all day (due to the fabulous box loader I have to say)

Well done to Taylor and Andy, a true star in the making, he will continue to grow in confidence and make his Mum & Dad even more proud if that is possible, Well done TT!!!

Congratulations to the Boys !!!!

Well done to Milo on gaining enough points to get his Platinum award, Moo on getting his Intermediate, Ben on getting his Graduate and T4 on getting Flyball Dog.  Well done Boys keep up the good work.


      Ben- Flyball Dog Graduate                          Milo- Platinum Boy


 Moo- Flyball Dog Advanced                         T4- Flyball Dog

Princess Gemma Bear - Jade Award

 Rachel and Gemma are the first Alpha Dogz to gain the BFA Jade award,

They gained their award at Eastham on the 21st June 2009.

Gemma is truly an A-mazing dog and we are all very proud.

35,000 BFA points and Gemma has only been competing for four years.She is only 6 years old.

Many more points and awards to come......

Well done girlies xx




            22nd September 2009

New Training Dates Announced

**Go to the training page**






Alpha Dogz at the BFA Summer Championships....

We had 3 teams entered at the 2009 BFA summer championships..  We had mixed results with Alpha Mayhem coming 6th in Division 8, Alpha Dogz coming 4th in Division 7, and Alpha Mischief coming a very well deserved 2nd in Division 30., narrowly missing out on the top spot

We had a great time at the champs and especially enjoyed the nightime entertainment and well and truly got in touch with our neon side on Friday Night.

We would like to congratulate our friends High Voltage and Water Orton Underdogs for winning their respective divisions, a great effort, especially as it was WOW first Championships.

Division One was some of the best racing we have ever seen, with most races going to 5 legs.  It was all down to the last race of the day for the division Winners.  HIgh Flyers and Bassett Hotdogs raced very well and Bassets narowly clinched the title.  Well done to all the competitors in the divisions, including Cleveland Comets on coming third.

Roll on 2010 for more of the same excitement...

For more pictures of Alphas at the champs see the photo album in the gallery

    Alpha Mayhem Racing in Neon                        Rachel judging Division 22

Milo Earns his Ice Blue Moon Award

 Milo and Mark have gained 20,000 Flyball Points to achieve their Ice Blue Moon Award.

Milo has been competing at Flyball Competitions for 3 years. 

He gained the final points for his award at Littleport on 7th June

Well Done Milo and Mark.


Charlie Earns his Pearl Award

 Charlie and Mark have gained 30,000 Flyball points and have recieved thier Pearl Award.

Charlie has been competing in flyball competitions for 5 years and his first show was in June 2004.

They earned the final points for this award at Sutton Fields on 17th May.

Charlie is Alpha Dogz most experienced Flyball Dog and we are all very proud of him...

Heres to his next award soon



Pumpkin - Flyball Dog Advanced

Pumpkin gained her Flyball Dog Advanced award (3000 points) at Woodgreen Animal shelter on 25th April 2009.

They were presented with their award by Sharon at the High Flyers tournament at Littleport on 7th June.

Well done to John and Pumpkin!!!!




Now Officially Alphas........

Annie returned to open at Tai Lawr, Anglesey on 12 April 2009.  She joined Alpha Mayhem and successfully completed every leg in the red lane. This is a huge leap forward for Annie and all the team are thrilled for Cathie and John.. The hard work is starting to pay off!!!!

Moo also returned to open as an Alpha Dog in Mischief at Tai LAwr Anglesey on 12th April 2009.  He had been out of racing for 18 months, but Alison and Alistair have waited patiently for his return to racing

Well done to both Dogz......... Now Officially Alpha Dogz according to the BFA website





Teddy - Silver Certificate

Teddy and Mark earned thier Silver Flyball certificate at Tai Lawr, Anglesey on 12th April 2009.  They gained 10,000 points to earn this certificate.

Well done to you both, heres to your next certificate!!!







 Alpha Abroad Logo

John has designed a new logo to go on our team gear for the upcoming European Championships in Belgium.

Alphas Abroad will include Rachel and Ben, John and Pumpkin, Genna and Blu, Rebecca and Ruby and Cathie boxloading.

We head to Belgium on Wednesday 27th May and are really excited about competing.  Hope to see many of you there!!!



  Ruby - Silver Certificate

Woodgreen was a good day for Ruby as she was presented with her Silver certificate at the Cambridgeshire Canines show at Woodgreen Animal shelter on 25th April.  The points were gained up to Stocksbridge on 22nd March 2009.

Well done girls, keep up the good work!!!


Annie returns to Open Racing

Anglesey was a very good tournament for John and Cathie.  Annie made her return to open competition.

Annie did very well and successfully completed every leg in her good lane - Red.

All the Alpha's are very proud of her , and long may she continue to run with her Alpha Mayhem team mates...

Alpha Dogz at the AGM

Alpha dogz were represented at this years AGM on 29th March by Rachel (committee member), Bec, Alison and Alistair.

It was a good day out and the Alphas and friends has several reasons to celebrate.

Firstly, Congratulations to Rachel on being appointed the BFA Secretary.

Secondly, Well done to Sharon from our twin team the High Flyers for being voted onto the committee.

Lastly but certainly not least congratulations to Shannon and Sophie from our friends the Steelers. They came 1st and 3rd respectively in the BFA young Handlers award 7-11 yrs.

A huge well done to all!!!


Ben - Flyball Dog Intermediate F.D.I

Congratulations to Ben and Rachel.  They got presented with his Flyball Dog Intermediate certificate at Stocksbridge on the 21st March 2009.

Well done, Guys and Gals !!! Keep up the good work


Bobby- Flyball Dog Advanced F.D.A

 Stocksbridge was a great day for Bobby and Andy.

Congtatulations to them both on gaining his Flyball dog Advanced certificate.  This has been very hard work to achieve as up to yesterday Bobby would on complete successful runs in the blue lane.

Stocksbridge on the 21st March, however was a different story.  Bobby had been running very successfully at training in the red lane and he had not put a paw wrong.  The next step was to try him in competititon.

The whole team stood anxiously waiting in the red lane.  Bobby and Andy and the team were lined up ready, the light sequence started and they were off.  Bobby completed a full run in the red lane. We were all thrilled, After 3 years of training and hard work from all the team, he had done it.....  But was it a fluke???  Obviously not, Bobby then went on to complete every leg in the red lane to our joy!!! 

Andy and Rebecca would like to thank the whole of the Alpha team, for thier unending support in our quest for Bobby to be a "proper " Flyball Dog.  The hard work and encouragment from the everyone has been invaluable, when at times we never thought it possible.  THANKS GUYS!!!!  Lets hope we have finally got our dream... After 3 years it feels mighty good !!!!!!


Alpha Dogz to run 3 teams

From Easter we will be running three open teams. The three teams will be, Alpha Dogz, Alpha Mayhem and Alpha Mischief.

We are looking forward and are excited about all of the new teams making thier debut at Anglesey.  Wish us luck !!!!

New Team Members

Alpha Dogz would like to welcome our new members Alison, Alistair and Jakob.

They have joined Alpha Dogz along with thier Dogs Moo and T4.  Moo (Border Collie) will be running in open and T4 (NSDTR) in starters for now.

Welcome to Alpha Dogz Guys !!!!




New Alphlets.......Alpha Dogz are thrilled to welcome some babies to the team.

Meet Taylor and Melon


 Taylor Solomon- (Bec & Andy)                 Melon Clarke- (John & Cathie)

Taylor has asked that i point out that he is just as cute as Melon contrary to the images. 

He says he is not lucky enough to have a talented photographer as a father to bring out the best in him , unlike a little

Markfield Starters Competition

Saturday 14th March 2009

Alpha Dogz will be holding a starters competition at Tomlinsons Kennels on 14th March 2009.

For a tournament schedule please contact Rachel on  07767 266916 or Email

We look forward to seeing you there !!!!

Training Dates

We have secured use of a training venue, and have confirmed some training dates.  Please look for the details on our training page.

If you have an active dog in need of stimulation or a couch potato who needs a kick up the preverbial, come along and give flyball a try.  Great for all breeds of dog and great fun for the handlers.

We would love to see you at our training event....

BERTIE- Flyball Dog Intermediate.

Bertie has achieved his Flyball Dog Intermediate award.  Berts has become quite the celebrity on the flyball circuit.

He has many a loyal fan who follow his progress and we are sure they will all be thrilled for him.  We know the Alpha dogz team are very proud of our Boy.

Keep up the good work Bertie Boy, Keep having those day excursions from Bertie world to gain them flyball points.  Here comes 3000 points ......


Good news all the Alpha dogz travelling to Belgium have passed their Rabies Tests.

So, Pumpkin, Blu, Ben and Ruby are all have their own passports !!

We are all very excited and thrilled to be taking part........


Alpha Dogz are thrilled to announce they will be competing at the European Flyball Championships in Belgium Next year.

The team will be Rachel & Ben, John & Pumpkin, Genna & Blu , Rebecca & Ruby and Cathie Box loading.

We look forward to seeing you all in May 09 in Belgium.

Can't wait !!!!


Alpha Dogz have had a bit of Success in the certificates Front,

Congratualtions to the following Dogz and Handlers:

Gemma & Rachel 30000 Points ( Pearl)

Tillie & Grom 5000 points ( Flyball dog Graduate)

Bobby & Andy 3000 points Flyball Dog advanced)

Pumpkin & John 1000 points ( Flyball dog Intermediate)

Ben & Rachel 200 points ( Flyball Dog)

Alpha Dogz are considering holding an "Introduction to Flyball Session"

See out New Training Page for further details

Well Done to Mark and Milo.  Milo achieved His Gold Flyball Award at Cantley Park in June.

Congratulations Boys!!!

Well Done to Bobby who Managed to break the 4 second barrier on Sunday at Rotherham with a time of 3.99 Seconds.

Well done Andy and Bobster... Just need him doing in the red lane now !!!

Massive congratulations to Ben ( Rat on a Rope) for his first Open Tournament at Rotherham.

He did not put a paw wrong all day and managed to gain 140 points in our "new" Mayhem Team.

Well Done Boop!!!


   Congratulations to Rebecca And Ruby..


They gained thier Flyball Dog Graduate award

at Sutton Fields.

Well done Girls xx

Congratulations to Mark & Teddy.


They gained thier Flyball dog Graduate Award at Middlesborough...


Well done Boys!!!!


 Well Done Pumpkin

Great news, Pumpkin gained her Flyball dog award at Portway. 

Congratulations to Pumpkin and John.



  Limited Open Tournament

  28/29 June 2008

  Clumber Park, Nottinghamshire

go to:

We will be having 3 Divisions , plus a Starters Division

on Saturday and Sunday.  Fun Events also if time permits.

Alpha Dogz are pleased to announce following the huge success of our starters competition at Markfield last month, we have booked the venue again on 1st November 2008.  Add that date to your diary.  if you need any further information contact Rachel...

Alpha Dogz are delighted to announce that our team captain Rachel was voted onto the BFA committee on Sunday 6 April.  Congratulations to Rachel we are sure she will serve us well.  We are all very proud of her!!!!

Special Congratulations to Pumpkin who came out into open at Carlton Towers and ran brilliantly in Starters, Open and Multi Breed, we knew you could do it, your a complete star, Well Done!!!

Special Congratulations to Grom & Charlie on achieving their Platinum award at Sheffield on 1st March 2008. Many thanks as always to Grom for running our Boy Love Rachel & Mark.

Special Congratulations to Andy & Bobby on achieving their Flyball Dog Intermediate award at Sheffield on 1st March 2008.

Special congratulations to Graham George and Poppy on achieving their Gold award at Doncaster on 1st December 2007

Special Congratulations to Rebecca and Ruby on achieving their Flyball Dog Advanced award at Sheffield on 12th January 2008

Special Congratulations to Mark and Teddy and achieving their Flyball Dog Advanced award at Sheffield

Special Congratulations to Andy and Bobby on finally achieving their Flyball Dog Award, it is well dererved and Andy's hard work has paid off.

Special Congratulations to Rachel and Gemma on achieving their Platinum award