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EFC14 Announced.....

The European Flyball Championships in 2014 will be hosted by The Flying Norman Dogs Flyball Team in France.

More details to follow on the official website


      EFC 2013 Belgium - Results




Alpha Dogz-Division 3 3rd Place




Alpha Ville-Division 11 5th place




Alphas Abroad-Division 13 5th place

EFC 13 Divisions announced.....

 Alpha Dogz - Division 3

 Alpha Ville - Division 11

 Alphas Abroad - Division 13

Here we come Belgium!!!!

For full Division details see :



The European Flyball Championships 2013 will be hosted by Zen-Tastic Flyball Team from Belgium.  It will be  held on 24- 26th August in Aartrijke, Belgium.

For more information visit the Facebook page at:!/events/631205243572523/

The offical Website will be launched soon.


For Televised coverage of the European Flyball Championships 2012 please follow the following link : The Flyball starts at 2.45 minutes.
Alpha Dogz are very proud to of Co-hosted this event and this this coverage is Excellent.  It is greatfor the future of Flyball for it to be shown in such a positive way, Thank you Dog World TV for the exposure.

Alpha Dogz European Successes!!!

Alpha dogz have a pretty impressive history in EFC Competitions.  In all but our First Belgian Adventure we have won silverware.

(L-R ) 2010 Speed Trial Winners Division 2

          2011 Division 2 Champions

          2010 Second Place Division 2

          2012 Third Place Division 3

Lets Hope our adventures next year in Austria will continue our success.

EFC 2012 Results

Alpha Dogz Division 3 - 3rd Place

Alphas Abroad Division 8 - 7th Place

Alpha Ville Division 13 - 5th Place

EFC 2012- Update

All three teams have been accepted. 

The following teams will compete at EFC this year

ALPHAS ABROAD- Charlie, Boris, Diggy,Pashley, Pumpkin and Holly

ALPHA VILLE - Gemma, Milo, Ruby, T4, Fudge and Benny

ALPHA DOGZ - Teddy, Mellie, Elfin, Taylor and Jessie

Sadly Alpha Dogz will not have the opportunity to retain our Division 2 crown.

EFC 2012 is being Held in the UK.  It is being hosted by Alpha Dogz and High Flyers.  It will be held at LittlePort Leisure Centre on 27th, 28th and 29th July.
For more information and pre-registration please visit the website
We hope to see many of you there!!!

ALPHA VILLE- Holly, Charlie, Pumpkin, Pashley, Diggy and Boris



ALPHAS ABROAD- Elfin, Jess, Benny, Samson, Fudge and Milo


ALPHA DOGZ- Mellie, Taylor, Bobby, Ruby, Gemma and Teddy



All Three teams have been accepted!!!

We are going to EFC 2011 with the following teams:

Alpha Dogz- Ruby, Bobby, Mellie, Teddy, Gemma and Taylor

Alphas Abroad- Milo, Elfin, Jessie, Samson, Fudge and Benny

                                                    Alpha Ville- Charlie, Boris, Pumpkin, Pashley, Diggy and Holly

We are thrilled all three teams have got in and cant wait for our 3rd European Adventure to be here!
For more information see EFC 11 Website

The Entry is in.....
We have submitted the Alpha Dogz entry for EFC11.
The teams are: 
Alpha Dogz: Submitted time: 18.40:  Bobby, Ruby, Taylor, Mellie, Teddy and Gemma
Alphas Abroad: Submitted time 19.00 : Milo, Elfin, Jessie, Benny, Samson and Fudge
Alpha Ville: Submitted time 20.95 : Charlie, Boris, Diggy, Pumpin, Pashley and Holly.

We are hoping that all 3 teams will be quick enough to gain entry.  Fingers crossed.

 Hatchford Hurricaines Join Alpha's Abroad.

Alpha Dogz are thrilled to announce that our friends Hatchford Brook Hurricaines will be joining us in Germany this year.

Sue, Gaz and Jayne along with their doggies Benny, Fudge, Holly and Samson with join the Alpha Dogz. We will have three teams, Alpha Dogz, Alphas Abroad and Alpha Ville.

The official schedule is now out and we need to register our teams by 15th June, We cant wait and look forward to the Hatchford guys joining us on their first visit to the European Flyball Championships.

EFC 2012
European Flyball Championships 2012 will be held in the UK in conjunction with the Olympics.  The dates are yet to be confirmed.  We will update soon with further details.

     EFC2011 (Germany) website has been announced and Alpha Dogz have Pre Registered our interest to attend with 3 teams......

    Alpha's Abroad

    Alpha Ville

    Alpha Dogz

   EFC 2011 Details announced

     Zum Homborn 9, 46325

    Borken, Germany
 See you There...........

 WOW, What a Blast at EFC 2010

Lots more details to follow, but here is how we did..

ALPHA VILLE - Came 5th in Divison 7 after losing in the Quarter Final

ALPHAS ABROAD- Came 2nd in Division 3 after losing the second Final to K-otic Flyers from Belgium

HIGH VELOCITY (Maxie)- Came 4th in Division 8 after losing in the Quarter Final

All the team ran brilliantly in the blistering 40 degree heat, and the dogs were amazing.

See the New Photo Album and videos added to the site.... They are awesome

The Running order for the speed trials has been released..

Follow the link below to see when the Alphas are racing


Alpha Dogz will be travelling to EFC 2010 in a weeks time...

We are all very excited and looking forward to some good racing with our European friends..

Alphas Abroad will be racing on Saturday, Alpha Ville on Sunday..  High Velocity ( Maxie) will be running on Friday and we will be available to help our British friends  if anyone needs an Alpha Helping hand!!


Divisions are announced....

The divisions for EFC 2010 have been announced today.....

Alphas Abroad are seeded 1st in Division 3

Alphaville are seeded 7th in Division 7

High Velocity are seeded 2nd in division 9

For the full division breakdown see here

EFC 2010- 2.3.4th July Brecht, Belgium

The European Championships will be hosted by the Black Brains Flyball Team in Brecht,Belgium on 2nd, 3rd, 4th July.

Alpha Dogz have entered two teams this year, Alphas Abroad and Alphaville.

Alpha Members travelling to Belgium are, Rachel, Mark, Rebecca, Andy, John, Cathie and Juliet.


The teams will be made up of the following dogs:

ALPHAS ABROAD: Bobby, Ruby, Taylor, Gemma, Teddy and Mellie

ALPHAVILLE: Diggy, Milo, Charlie, Ben, Annie and Pumpkin.

Max will be running in HIGH VELOCITY with our good friends the High Flyers

We will announce which divisions we will be in when the official running order is released.

for more details on the tournament please visit the official EFC2010 website at


Alpha dogz are taking a team to the 2009 European Flyball Championships on 27 May.

The team is made up of Pumpkin, Blu, Ben, Ruby and Callum.

The handlers will be John, Genna, Rachel, Rebecca and Jackie.  Cathie will boxload.

The team will be called Alphas Abroad

                Check this page for regular updates and  images of our trip.



                  BEN                               RUBY                                  BLU


                          PUMPKIN                                  CALLUM

One Week to go!!!

The excitement builds as we approach our trip to Belgium.  Alpha Dogz and lots of teams from the BFA are busy preparing for the trip.  Note to team:  Must not forget important things  Which are :

DOGS (lol, pretty pointless without them really)

Passports ( us and Dogz)

Insurance Details (Us and Dogz)

EHIC card

Money/ Credit cards

As JC would say " everything else can be begged or bought"...  The above items are however crucial...

Roll on 27th May, it will soon be here......


21st May 2009 The divisions are announced...

The divisions for the Championships have been published on the EFC 09 website..  Alphas Abroad are in Division 9, and are the only UK hope in this division.

We are excited to be racing all foreign teams, from Belgium, Hungary, France and Germany.  We look forward to some close racing...

Alphas Abroad Results

We were very pleased to come 2nd in the round Robin stages of the tournament on Friday and Saturday.  This meant we had a bye through to the second round of the Double eliminator so the dogs could take it easy on Saturday afternoon.

Unfortunately we were beaten in our first two round of the Double eliminator on Sunday morning and therefore we out and placed 5th in the competition. 

We learned alot during our trip to Belgium and realised that DE racing was totally different to our system in the UK.   We were beaten fair and square by better teams who knew how to play the game.  We will return to EFC 10, with a better knowledge of the system and will hopefully fair a little better in the final stages of the competition.

Overall though we thought not bad for a first effort!!!!

Links to the results pages for Alphas abroad are here:    Alphas Abroad are pages 9 and 10 of the PDF document.


AN EFC 2009 photo album has been added to the website.

The images are from various sources and we thank everyone who took them.

Have a look!!!




  Here is an image of the Diploma and Medal

  we recieved at the European Championships in May.

  Alphas Abroad fastest time was 22.01







Alphas- Officially Flyball's Finest (according to High Flyers)

Alpha Dogz were thrilled to bits at Littleport when we were presented a trophy from our good friends the High Flyers.

The award was called "Flyball's Finest" and was given in recognition of the help and support we offered at EFC 2009 in Belgium.

It was presented by The Chairman Steve Leek who commented on the support Given by Alphas to all the teams who competed. He said" there was always an Alpha in the ring supporting all the teams, true Flyball spirit was shown".

The members who attended EFC in Beerkel, Belgium 2009 were, Genna, John, Cathie, Rachel and Rebecca.. The whole team was thrilled with the award.. Thanks guys


                  The Presentation at Littleport by Sharon and Steve Leek