Alpha Dogz Flyball Team

Sponsored by Ashbourne Canine Hydrotherapy Centre


Flyball dogs running in open tournaments gain flyball points which accumulate and the dogs then gain certificates.  The first award is flyball dog and this is gained when the dog has reached 200 points.

Alpha Dogz Points total ( Last updated on 30th Sept, points up to Larden Green 21st Sept)

Gemma        Handler: Rachel           Points:65344         Award : DIAMOND 

Milo             Handler: Mark            Points: 49563         Award: CHICA CHICANA

Ruby            Handler: Rebecca        Points: 49000       Award: CHICA CHICANA

Teddy          Handler: Mark             Points: 47240        Award: CHICA CHICANA 

Charlie         Handler: Mark            Points: 47118        Award : CHICA CHICANA (Alpha VID)

Bobby         Handler: Andrew          Points:35080        Award: JADE

Pumpkin     Handler: Cathie             Points:27860        Award: PLATINUM 

T4             Handler: Jakob             Points: 23705         Award: ICE BLUE MOON 

Mellie        Handler: John               Points: 23375         Award:  ICE BLUE MOON 

Elfin         Handler: Cathie             Points: 22580           Award:  ICE BLUE MOON 

Fudge        Handler: Gaz                Points: 19110         AwardGOLD

Diggy        Handler: Rebecca          Points: 17990        Award: GOLD

Taylor       Handler: Andy               Points: 17000          Award: GOLD

Benny        Handler: Gaz                Points: 15895         AwardGOLD (Alpha VID)

Holly          Handler: Sue               Points: 15135           Award: GOLD 

Ben           Handler: Rachel             Points: 11560          Award: SILVER 

Max          Handler: Rebecca           Points: 6200          Award:  Advanced (Alpha VID)

Annie        Handler: John                Points: 6074           Award: Advanced (Alpha VID)

Boris          Handler: Rachel           Points: 6195            Award: Flyball Dog Advanced

Kaos          Handler: Alison            Points: 2120             Award: Flyball Dog Intermediate 

Geronimo Jackson    Handler: Sue           Points: 0        Starter Dog

Denver        Handler: Rebecca             Points: 0            Starter Dog

Points required for each award:

Flyball Dog 200

Flyball Dog Intermediate 10000

Flyball Dog Advanced 3000

Flyball Dog Graduate 5000

Silver 10000

Gold 15000

Ice Blue Moon 20000

Platinum 25000

Pearl 30000

Jade 35000

Chica Chicana 40000

Sapphire 50000

Diamond 60000