Alpha Dogz Flyball Team

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Rachie (Team Captain)

Rachel started flyball with Husband Mark and Charlie their first dog in 2001. 

Rachel is now owned by 5 border collies, Charlie, Gemma, Milo,Teddy and Boris and a JRT, Ben.

Teddy is racing in Alpha Dogz, Princess "Sapphire" Gemma and Milo race in Alpha Bedlam. Charlie & Ben and Boris are racing in Alpha Anarchy .  Rachel enjoys running Gemma, Ben and Boris, leaving Mark to run the 3 muskateers ( Boo, Mi Mi and Wed Wed). 

Rachel is a BFA qualified Head Judge, and Secretary of the British Flyball Association. Alpha Dogz are very proud of her success on the committee.


Mark started flyball with Wife Rachel in 2001, with their WSD Charlie. 

Since then, they now have 6 dogs and are at flyball most weekends.

Mark Currently runs Charlie in Alpha Anarchy, Milo in Alpha Bedlam and Teddy in Alpha Dogz.

Markie is a BFA qualified Judge.

He once made the mistake of saying "Flyball is my Life", to the amazement of Rachel, and has never lived it down since, Nice one Mark lol....


Becsie was introduced to flyball by her sister Rachel. 

Becsie and Husband Andy are owned by 6 dogs, 5 border collies Maxie, Bobby and Ruby,Taylor and Denver  and a xbreed Diggy.

Rebecca runs Ruby in Alpha Bedlam and Diggy in Alpha Anarchy.  Maxie is also Becsie's bestest Boy but has retired from Racing due to a back injury and now concentrates his efforts on being an Alpha VID, keeping the youngsters in line, he occasionally does starters to help out the youngsters in the team and he loves it.

Becsie is a BFA qualified Judge.

Becsie is also our Team website Webmaster.


Andy is married to Becsie They started flyball in 2004. 

Andy and Becsie have 6 dogs, 5 Border Collies, Maxie, Bobby, Ruby,Taylor and Denver and Xbreed Diggy.

Andy initially wasnt keen on the whole flyball thing, but was introduced to box loading, and then was hooked.

Andy runs Taylor in Alpha Dogz.  Andy also box loads for Alpha Anarchy as Diggy needs his Dad on the box to encourage him to the box.

Bobby is recovering from a serious shoulder injury that required surgery in March.  The rehabilitation will  be a very long process and he is recovering well.  Bobby has returned to racing in Alpha Dogz.  He currently runs one leg per race and we are hoping to build on this during the 2013/14 season.


John is married to Cathie, and has four adorable dogs, Annie, Pumpkin, Mellie and Elfin.

John Currently Runs Mellie in Alpha Dogz, and Pumpkin in Alpha Anarchy.   Annie has now retired from racing due to Arthiritus and now spends most of her time keeping the youngsters in line as an Alpha VID.



Cathie is Married to John, and Has four dogs,  Annie,Pumpkin, Mellie and Elfin

Cathie currently runs Elfin in Alpha Dogz.  Cathie also boxloads for Alpha Bedlam and is team captain of Alpha Anarchy.  We like to keep her busy!

Cathie is very good at looking after the team, and we love her for it....


Alison has two dogs T4 and Kaos and lives with her partner Alistair and Son Jakob.

Alison currently runs Kaos in Anarchy and does a fabulous job.  Both Kaos and Alison have gained lots of confidence recently. Alison has been in flyball for many years but Kaos is the first dog that she has run full time.

Alison does alot of training with her dogs at her local club and also enjoys the new sport Rally.


Alistair is Alisons partner and they have two dogs, T4 and Kaos. Their rabbitt Dayzie comes along too.

Alistair is an integral part of Alpha Dogz and is constantly helping the teams, usually to be seen at the box with the jump board.  He does a fabulous job of running T4 in anarchy.

Alistair has been in flyball for many years, and is Alpha Dogz multibreed team Captain.


Jakob is Alisons son and attends flyball with her and Alistair.

They have two dogs,  T4 a Nova Scotia Duck Tolling retriver who Jakob runs in Alpha Bedlam and Kaos a Springador who is currently in Anarchy too. Jakob is also the expert boxloader for Alpha Dogz.

Jakob also runs T4 in Crufts Flyball and was part of the team who came second in YKC Flyball at Crufts 2009, He was a member of the winning team in 2011 boxloading for Demon Dogz.



Ellie is Jakobs Girlfriend and is an Honoury Alpha. She is a member of the Cotswold Flyball Teams.

She attends tournaments when she is with Jakob and helps out wherever she is needed.





Gaz and his partner Sue have been in flyball for several years and joined Alpha Dogz in May 2012.  We are thrilled to welcome both Sue , Gaz and their 4 dogs to the team. 

Gaz is owned by 4 Border collies, Benny, Fudge, Holly and Jackson.   Benny and Fudge both run in Alpha Bedlam and Holly is part of Alpha Anarchy.  Jackson is still a baby at 5 months old so he will start training when he is old enough.




Sue and her partner Gaz have been in flyball for a few years and joined Alpha Dogz in May 2012.  We are thrilled to Welcome Sue, Gaz and their 4 dogs to the team.

Sue is owned by 4 Border Collies, Benny, Fudge, Holly and Jackson.  Both Benny and Fudge run in Alpha Bedlam and Holly is a part of Alpha Anarchy. Jackson is still very yound and will start his training when he is old enough.