Alpha Dogz Flyball Team

Sponsored by Ashbourne Canine Hydrotherapy Centre

Thank you for buying raffle tickets at our January Markfield show!

Our nominated Charity for 2014 - Birmingham Dogs home!

Alpha Dogz Nominated Charity for 2014 is.......

As a team we have decided to support a single charity which will be changed annually. 

For 2014 we have decided to support Birmingham Dogs Home. 

Sue in our team is an avid supporter of this fabulous place so it made sense to chose them for 2014.  They are currently raising funds for new premises out of the city so the dogs in their care can enjoy more space and less stress. 

We will be holding raffles at our shows during 2014 and all the proceed with help this cause.  We very much hope you will support us to help them.

Visit thier website for more information

Alpha Dogz are pleased to support:

Julie Elliott, Fellow Flyballer who suffered a stroke in 2008, We help support her amazing recovery

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At Alpha Dogz shows we hold a raffle, here are some of the recipients of the proceeds:



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nowzad dogs

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Visit them at:

We are always looking for dog charities to support, if you would like our help, please contact us!!!