Alpha Dogz Flyball Team

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Charlie (aka Boo)

Charlie is a 11 year old Border collie ( or so we were told, were not convinced hes not a Collie x Shepherd).  He lives with Rachel, Mark, Gemma, Milo, Teddy and Ben and Boris.

Charlie is the head of the Child Canine Club.  His Brothers and Sisters certainly know their place..  Boo is getting quite michevious as he gets older, and becoming quite the naughty boy. He has to be reminded whos overall boss in the household lol.  He is Very affectionate and Loves "Giving Sugar" ( A Cuddle to you and i)  He talks to you when he is enjoying it.. 

Charlie retired from Racing in August 2013 after competing and racing for 10 consecutive years.  He has moved into the elusive club of "Alpha VID's" where he will enjoy his retirement and get the rest he so deserves.  Alpha Dogz are proud of all that Charlie achieved in his career and he will always be the original Alpha Dog for us.


Gemma ( aka Princess GB)

Gemma is a 9 year old Border Collie of Wizaland Breeding.  She lives with Rachel, Mark, Charlie, Milo, Teddy and Ben and Boris

Gemma Gets her Nickname "Princess Gemma Bear" because of her attitude.  She has an air of Grandeur about her, and is far too important to be ignored.  Rachel Wanted a Bidable Working dog with Attitiude, i think she met her match in Gemma.  She is the most affectionate loving little girl which can get quite annoying, in Gemma World there are no other dogs...

Gemma is Run by her Mum Rachel in Alpha Bedlam, and is quite a handful, she loves the game so much she often tries to have another go, to the utter frustration of her Mum..  Gemma is quite a natural at Flyball and has a natural swimmers turn, but boy does she know it....


Milo (aka Mi Mi)

Milo is a 8 year old Border Collie, He lives with Rachel, Mark, Charlie, Gemma Teddy, Ben and Boris

Milo was rescued by Rachel and Mark at 5 months old from a life in a shed where his previous owners kept him.  He is constantly showing his gratitude to them in his sweet little way.  He has quite a nervous disposition ( Not suprisingly) and has to be handled with Care.  He adores his Dad Mark and they have a really close bond.

Milo is run by Mark in Alpha Dogz, and can run in any postition. 

Teddy (aka Goofy)

Teddy is a 7 year old Border Collie, He Lives with Rachel, Mark, Charlie,Gemma , Milo, Ben and Boris

Teddy was bred by Doreen Smith of the Northern Bytes and is litter brother to Ruby.

Teddy is very excitabe and always on the go, even when he wags his tail he has to wag his whole body. Hes a lovely boy to live with.

Ted has an overshot jaw, so is part of the Goofy Club...

Teddy is Run by Rachie in Alpha Dogz , and can run any position.

Ben (aka Bendy Boop)

 Ben is a Jack Russell Terrier and is 5 years old.  Ben lives with Rachel, Mark, Charlie, Gemma, Milo, Teddy and Boris.

Ben is your typical JRT, a large dog in a small body. What he lacks in size he makes up in attitiude and has no problems keeping up wuth his collie Brothers and Sister. He has a very sweet nature, but can be very noisy....

Ben  runs in Alpha Anarchy with Rachie..  Charlie is very grateful to Ben, because of him, he can run in Open over 7 inch jumps. Cheers Bendy Boop.....


Boris (aka Bozza) belongs to Rachel and Mark.  He lives with Charlie, Gemma, Milo, Teddy and Ben and has settled in very nicely.

Boris was born in January 2010 and is related to Teddy and Ruby, He is their half brother having the same Mum ( Cofi from Northern Bytes) and different Dad but still from Canen lines.  (Canen Vince instead of Canen Russ).

Boris is a lovely little boy with a very laid back nature. He had his racing debut at the European Flyball Championships in July 11 in Germany and is currently run by Mark in Alpha Bedlam.


Frankie was born on 28th December and is from Sandra Osborn in Cumbria. He is the newest addition to the Child Family.

He joins Charlie , Gemma, Milo, Teddy, Ben and Boris.  He has settled into life very well and has a new best friend in Boris.  He is very "full on" and is full of energy and enthusiasm for all that puppy life has to offer.

We look forward to seeing how this gorgeous little man grows up!.

Max (aka Maxie Doodle Dandy)

Max is a 11 year old Border Collie.  He lives with Rebecca, Andy, Bobby, Ruby, Diggy,Taylor and Denver.

Max is one on his own, he can be very affectionate on his terms, but is very anti social.  He prefers to sit on his own than in a crowd.  He is very much a Mummys Boy and defies everyone else.  He only listens to Mum when he wants to... His Mum would call him Independent, others would say disobedient.

Max has now retired from Flyball, as he has decided that he needs to devote more time to keeping the younger Solomon dogs in line.


Bobby (aka Bob the Gob)

Bobby is a 7 year old Border Collie.  He lives with Rebecca, Andy, Max, Ruby, Diggy,Taylor and Denver.

Bobby has been a very slow maturer, and has taken along time to train.  Bobby is very affectionate and has a really strong bond with his Dad, Andy.  This bond has developed during the extensive training they have done together.  .Bobby is proof to any doubters that if you persevere for long enough any dog will come good..

Bobby will run in Alpha Bedlam as lead dog, and Andy is very proud of him.  He has been clocked at 3.93 secs, so is a very fast dog...

Bobby underwent surgery in March 2012 to fit a prosthetic shoulder ligament. He is having a very long recovery.  We have been given permission by Bobby's vet to reintroduce flyball training.  After a couple of months of gentle training doing run backs and some close box work he did his first run backs in the flyball arena at Gap Farm in February 2013.  We are now concentrating on muscle conditioning work to make sure Bobby is fully fit for a hopeful return to racing at Easter 2013.  Fingers crossed for our special Boy.

UPDATE:  Bobby Did his first open runs at Sherbrooke on April 13th 2013.  He has continued to Run one leg per race since and is showing no signs of the injury reoccuring.  We are so very proud of him


Ruby (aka Doobs)

Ruby is a 6 year old Border Collie.  She Lives with Rebecca, Andy, Maxie, Bobby,Diggy,Taylor and Denver.

Ruby was bred by Doreen Smith and is litter Sister to Teddy.

Ruby is a very unique Little Girl, She is a Full Collie but only meaures 10 inches.  She is a really sweer natured girl and can be very affectionate. She loves nothing more than a cuddle from her Mum.  How adorable.

Ruby currently runs in Alpha Bedlam and is the team height dog..  Bless her........


Diggy is a 5 year old Labrdor x Beagle.  He lives with Rebecca, Andy, Maxie, Bobby,Ruby,Taylor and Denver.

Diggy is a typical beagle constantly having his nose to the ground.  He is very lively and playful and has settled into Solomon life very well.

Rebecca and Andy got Diggy at 12 Months old as his previous owners got rid of him because he apparantly nipped a child.  As far as we can tell he is very affectionate and gentle and has shown no signs of this behaviour.

Diggy is currently running in Alpha Anarchy with Becsie.  The difficult job is getting him to keep his nose of the ground long enough to fetch his ball lol. Diggy is huge fun to run, and can be quite the comedian..


Taylor belongs to Bec & Andy.  He was born on 30th November 2008. He lives with Maxie, Bobby, Ruby and Diggy and Denver and has settled in very nicely.  Taylor was bred by Hannah and Al of Allstars and his Mum Eva runs with their team, as does his sisters Mist and River.

He is adorable with a temprament to die for.. . He is quite a cheeky little chappy and has got Mum and Dad wrapped around his little paw. Taylor has progressed in starters and made his successful debut in open cometition on 30th May 2010. He is quite the natural and is  a great flyball dog.  He is currently being run by his Dad Andy in Alpha Dogz. 

Denver (Aka Dennis)

Denver is the new addition to the Solomon Household.  He was born in September 2012.  He joins Maxie, Bobby, Ruby, Diggy and Taylor.

Denver is Ruby and Teddy's Nephew, Thier full sister is his Mum and he is part Canen breeding.

He is a lively, feisty and strong willed little fella, and what size he lacks in stature he certainly makes up for in attitude, just how Becsie and Andy like them. 

Denver made his starters Debut in October 2013 and shows great promise.  We hope he will continue to make steady progress over the winter ready for his open debut at Easter (Fingers crossed).

Annie (aka the black and white thing)

Annie is a 9 year old Border Collie.  She lives with Cathie, John, Mellie, Elfin and Pumpkin.

Annie is a frustrating little madam, she is extremely workable, and adorable.

Annie is fast, has a fantastic turn and is tireless at flyball, the only problem is she lacks a little focus.  She is so playful, she likes to play with the others dogs, unfortunately she doesnt care which lane there in!!!!

Annie has many talents, one being her dead rabbitt impression, it is excellent!!

Annie is currently enjoying rest and recouperation with the other Alpha VID's (Very important dogs)

Pumpkin (aka the orange thing)

Pumpkin is a 5 year old Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever (phew).  She lives with Cathie, John, Annie , Mellie and Elfin.

Pumpkin has had a rough start as she was diagnosed with Meningitis at a young age, thanks to the Tlc and love from her Mum and Dad Pumps has made a full recovery and is now fighting fit and dont they know it!!!!!

Pumps loves nothing more than to have a job to do, she adores swimming and retrieving as her breed would suggest.

Pumpkin is an excellent Flyball dog and runs in Alpha Bedlam and can run in any position.

Melon- Aka Mellie

Melon-collie was born on the 5th January 2009.  She came from Helen Ward and Darcy, who are also flyballers.  She lives with John and Cathie and her other family Annie, Elfin and Pumpkin.  She is settling in quite well.

Mellie is extremely sweet natured and loves nothing more than cuddles.  She loves to be the centre of attention and we affectionally say "its all about Mellie" frequently. She has several litter mates competing with other teams who are all doing very well.

She has progressed through starters and is a complete flyball natural.  She made her open debut at the European Championships in Belgium in July 2010. Mellie currently runs in Alpha Dogz with her Dad John and is a fast and reliable anchor dog.


Elfin is a dog from a rescue centre in Hertforshire, She is a Whippet X Collie ( we think) and is approxiamately 18 months old. She was a stray and has been lucky enough to find John and Cathie along with her sisters Mellie, Annie and Pumpkin.

She was brought to her her forever home in February 2010, She is a very sweet little girl who loves all the attention she gets.  Elfin has gained quite a fan club.

Elfin began training and within a few weeks was doing full runs. She enjoyed starters with Mellie and Taylor and made her open debut in July 2010.  She currently runs in Alpha Bedlam with her mum Cathie.


T4 is owned by Alison, Alistair and Jakob.  He is a 4 year old Nova Scotia Duck tolling retriver (Phew).  He lives with Kaos.

T4 was quite a challenge to train and was in Starters for quite a while, although you wouldnt know that now. He has matured into a very reliable height dog.  He only has little legs bless him and runs over 11" jumps.

He is currently run by Alistair in Alpha Anarchy and can run in any position.




Kaos is the newest addition to the Aubrey-Wilson / Mann Household.  He is a Springador and joins T4 and Rabbit Dayzie.

Kaos made his open debut in December at Gap Farm and Gained his first flyball points.  He is now running as part of Alpha Anarchy and is doing very well.  He is gaining confidence with each confidence and is becoming a great flyball Dog.  Kaos has a few handlers at his disposal who include His Mum Alison, Alistair and Auntie Rachel if needed.  He responds well to them all aslong as they have a nice treat waiting for him.


Benny (or Bo-bo to his Mummy), is 7 years old.  He was brought home by Sue and Gaz from Dumfries & Galloway at 7 months old. He started flyball in 2008 and was initially run by Sue whilst Gaz sat in the car reading the paper.  Once Gaz caught the flyball Bug he took over running Benny as he was playing his Mummy Up :).  Benny has his own style of flyball, he chooses to run in or out much to his Dad's frustration.  Benny's special talent in carrying 2 or 3 tennis balls in his mouth.  He is the leader of the pack in the Patterson/ Hesketh household.  He loves porridge, sunbathing in the garden and going  to work in the van with his dad.  He dislikes Fireworks, hosepipes and Swimming. Benny is run by his Dad, Gaz in Alpha Dogz.




Fudge (Fudgeroo-roo because of how he barks) is 6 years old. He was rehomed to Sue and Gaz from friends due to a change in thier personal circumstances. He originally came from Wales. Fudge started flyball in 2009, he is extremely reliable and can run in any position.  In his Mummy's words he is a bit dopey, and forgets whatever you tell him after 10 minutes :)  Fudge is also very accident prone and does everything at 100 mph. He loves his Grub, swimming and Hydrotherapy.  Fudge would love to be a couch potato is he was allowed!  Fudge is run by his Mum, Sue in Alpha Bedlam.



 Holly Berry

Holly Berry ( Berry Dog) is approx.  5 years old.  She is a very special girl with special Needs! .  She was rescued by Sue and Gaz in 2009 as she was to be PTS because of her aggression.  She has been a stray in Sheffield after having several homes.  When Sue and Gaz got Holly she had terrible back problems, very matted coat and was very underweight. Holly Berry is unrecognisable as the dog she was and has come on leaps and bounds.  She can still be wary of strangers but is very affectionate when she trusts you. Holly has become very fussy food wise, funny considering she was a stray :).  She loves clicker training.  Holly started flyball, did two starters competitions and went straight into open.  A bit of a natural it seems.  She is a 12" height dog, and runs at her own pace in her own world.  She runs last dog or she stops at the gate to check out the dog running towards her.  Holly is run by her Dad, Gaz in Alpha Anarchy.


Geronimo Jackson

Geronimo Jackson ( Jacky to his Mum , much to his Dads Disgust) is over 1 year old.  He is another rescue for Sue and Gaz from Hannah and Al ( fellow Flyballers).  Geronimo Jackson is a very vocal Boy and is currently terrorising all the other dogs at his weekly puppy class.  He loves to chew and play tuggy.  He follows his brother Fudge everywhere and copies him but at bedtime and in his crate in the van loves to cuddle up to biggest brother Benny. Geronimo Jackson made his Starters debut at Newark in October 2012 and did very well, we are sure he will be a very successful Flyball Dog like his siblings. He is currently run in the Starters team by his Mum Sue.