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  Rachie- Team Captain                               Mark                                     John


     Cathie                                Becsie- Webmistress                               Andy


      Alison                                         Alistair                                         Jakob


     Ellie                                              Sue                                               Gaz



 Alpha Dogz are pleased to be supported and Sponsored by Ashbourne Canine Hydrotherapy Centre.

The centre offers many therapies for our four legged friends including Hydrotherapy, Water treadmill therapy, Physiotherapy and acupuncture.

The above treatments are currently helping many of the Alpha Team dogs who are regulars to the centre.


Alpha Dogz Flyball team was formed in October 2007 by a group of close friends and flyball enthusiasts,  We have members from Nottinghamshire, Yorkshire, Derbyshire and Birmingham.

Flyball is an ever growing dog sport enjoyed by people all over the world.  Flyball in the UK started in 1994 when the British Flyball Association was formed, since then it has grown rapidly in numbers and enthusiasm.

Flyball is a relay race for dogs  with 4 dogs in a team racing another team in the opposing lane.  The first team with 4 dogs that have completed without a fault are declared the winners of the leg and it is usually the best of 5 legs.

Teams in the UK compete in BFA sanctioned tournaments all over the country enjoying spending time with our dogs and other like minded people, often camping in our caravans and tents at weekends over the summer (& Winter).

Any one who has a dog can do Flyball, dogs and humans can be any size or ability, All you really need is a recall and a serious obsession with a tennis ball (thats the dogs!!!) and the humans need to be fun loving and have a serious obsession with your dog(s)!!!.

For further information on this fantastic dog sport, please take a look at our links page.

Special Thanks to John & Cathie Clarke for allowing us to use their photos on this website.

Also special thanks to David Flood for some of the images on this site


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