Crested Geckos

In the Dallas Fort Worth Area

Crested Geckos are an amazing pet to have!  (web site is still under construction, so please be patient with me!)


Crested Geckos are very easy to care for, as well as very personable. This is why they make great pets for beginners, children,  or even advanced reptile owners. They are just a pleasure to have around no matter what your experience with reptiles! This being said, there is a warning that I must give to all who are thinking about becoming a Crested Gecko owner. They are very addicting, so most likely you will not be able to have only one!!! Ok, you have been warned! Still don't believe me? I got one five years ago and within 24 hours, I already had gone back to get another! Now, four years later, I have twelve! These are the type of animals who you can't help but love! Now I no longer worry about if I am going to be that crazy old cat lady, but if I am going to be a crazy old Crestie lady! But when you get to see things like this happen, how can you help but fall in love with them, and want more? 


(These two hatched out of my incubator 4-1-08) 

General Information About Crested Geckos

 Crested Geckos, also known as Eyelash Geckos or "Cresties", are very interesting reptiles that come from New Caledonia. They were thought to be extinct until fairly recently and in the mid 1990's, they were rediscovered, and quickly brought both to the United States as well as Europe for further study. Soon they became available and very popular among the pet trade because of how easy it is to care for them, the size, and their various colors and patterns! 

Crested Geckos are considered to be a medium sized lizard because they only reach a size of eight to ten inches of total length, and 35-65 grams. They are also nocturnal,  which means that they sleep during the day and are awake at night, and arboreal meaning they also generally prefer to live higher up in the enclosure, or in the trees when in the wild.  Being an arboreal species of gecko who mainly lives in the trees in the wild, they tend to jump from branch to branch as well as walk or run to get around. It is said that adult Crested Geckos can jump up to six feet in length. Now, I have never personally seen this, but I would not doubt that if one wanted to, it probably could!  

 (This is a picture of my male Rusty.)

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