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Allentown Center City Chess Club Basics

Where:      St. Luke's Evangelical Lutheran Church, 417 N. 7th St., Allentown, PA 18102

When:        Saturdays from Noon to approx. 6:15 PM

What:         USCF-rated tournaments every week (see Events & Activities page for cost)

What to bring:  Sets and boards are provided (but feel free to bring yours).  Chess clock (if you have one).  Pen or pencil -- scoresheets are provided.  Proof of USCF membership.    Park in the church lot and enter through the gate. 

Center City Chess Club is an official affiliate of the US Chess Federation ( 

***  NEWS FLASH ***

8/15/18  Club is CLOSED on 8/18 for a church function 

8/15/18  Two quick chess matches will be held at the Allentown Public Library (upstairs) on Aug 18 (11 am to 3 pm).   

Eric C. Johnson vs. Dan Reilly

Greg Sulat vs. Larry Cesare

will feature 6-game matches played at g/15 d3 time control.  Spectators are welcome. 

8/15/18  Jim Strobel is just TWO (2) wins away from 1,000 wins -- see the Events tab for details of his (tentatively scheduled) celebration on 9/22. 

8/15/18 -- Reminder -- the 2018 Joe DeRaymond Memorial QC Event is 8/25   SEE TLA in AUGUST CHESS LIFE


 Aug 25  2018 Joe DeRaymond Memorial QC Event  (see TLA in August Chess Life).  Three Sections:  Group A:  Top eight players (by regular USCF rating) play 7-RR G/15 d3   Group B:  Next eight players play 7-RR G/15 d3   Group C:  All others play 7-SS G/15 d3  For Group C -- 7-SS G/15 d3 paired normally the first three rounds with random pairings or other pairing adjustments possible by round four depending on attendance.   EF:  $20 general,  $15 U1500/unrated, FREE to over 2400.  Prizes: $70 + trophy each section.  SEVEN ROUNDS -- with blitz playoff to break ties if necessary.  Regular club hours.  QC-rated only.


8/15/18  Events tab updated with new events through September

8/15/18   Kevin Li loses -- then wins back -- the club title at the 294th Second Saturday Quads on 8/11.  Dan Reinert takes the lead in the 2018 Quad Points Race. 

7/30/18  Club is CLOSED on 8/4 and 8/18.  See the Events page for the schedule.  Quads are on 8/11.  The Joe DeRaymond Memorial QC Event is 8/25.

7/30/18  Kevin Li wins the UPSTAIRS SLOW-PLAY Swiss with 3.5 out of 4 -- he also is the new club champion.  He must defend his title within three regular club events (i.e. due to club being closed on 8/4 and 8/18 this will mean September).

7/30/18  Jim Strobel picked up two more wins -- he is just THREE WINS from the 1,000 win mark.   If he makes it in time...we will have a cake celebration for him in September.

5/10/18     June 2   David Leindecker Memorial, 4-SS, G/30  1 section -- EF: $12   Prizes:  1st  $60 + chess medal.   Other medal prizes for outstanding achievement (*) in fields such as:  Ballroom Dance, Karate, Bowling, Archery, Boxing, Triathalon, Darts, Diving, Skiing, Cornhole and Fencing

(*) You do not need to demonstrate skills in these areas -- David never did!

5/10/18  Amogh Kollipara wins the 2018 Tom Volkert Memorial with 3.5 out of 4 -- he wins the trophy, the title and the $100 first prize.   Steve Atlee won the U1400 award. 

2/22/18 ALLENTOWN ZERO (Erick Garcia, Eric C. Johnson, Michael Turcotte, Geoff Clark, Lee Stanley) crushes opponents at 2018 USATE -- scoring 4-2 in matches and 15.5 out of 24 game points.

1/16/18 Pre-orders are being taken for the "Club Chess in Allentown (2000-2015)" booklet, a collection of 124 games played in Allentown.   Cost $10 -- mailed copies $10 plus $2 shipping.

1/16/18  Copies of the Johnson v. Santo match booklet are still available at club for $10 -- mailed copies $10 plus $2 shipping.

1/16/18  Yes -- you can still buy the club t-shirt at and save $1 per week on your EFs!  See bottom of column.


11/27/17  Dan Reinert clinches 2017 Quad Points title with one month to spare

11/27/17  IM Thomas Bartell wins 10th David Elliott Cup on Nov. 18th with a score of 4.5 points (out of 5.0).   GM Bryan Smith and NM Peter Minear tie for 2nd place.   Top 2099-1800:  Joe Mucerino, Mauricio Camejo, Greg Nolan.   Top U1800:  Ram Singh, Dan Reilly    RESERVE CHAMPION:  Thomas Fisher   U1200: Chris Humphries 

8/22/17  Matt O'Brien wins the A-group of the 2017 Joe DeRaymond Memorial QC Event.   Other winners: Eric Mark (B-group), C-group (Chris Giannaras )   27 players competed

8/22/17  Kevin Santo wins Johnson v Santo match 7-3 (5-1 in decisive games).  Booklet available soon.

5/19/17  $100 donation received for 2017 Joe DeRaymond Memorial QC Event -- to be held in August (date announcement pending).

5/19/17  Johnson v Santo match update -- likely site is the Allentown Public Library, Thursday nights from 5:30 PM to 8 PM.   Match contracts to be signed soon.  Start date may be June 8th.   Pledge total now $370 ($400 final tally) and rising -- pledges accepted until Game One and must be paid no later than Game Two.  All persons pledging $5 or more receive a copy of the match booklet after the match.

5/2/17  Kevin Santo successfully defends his club title -- he draws his last round game with Eric C. Johnson and both players finish tied for first place (2.5 pts) at the 4/29 club event.

5/2/17  The club title goes from Eric C. Johnson to Ramon Quezada to Kevin Santo at the 4/15 club event.

3/13/17  Boris Privman wins the club title by going 4-0 at the March 4th tournament 


12/29/16   GM Bryan Smith wins the 2016 David Elliott Cup held November 19th.   Ram Singh wins the Reserve section.   A record 59 players compete in the event.

9/26/16  Winners from the 2016 Joe DeRaymond QC Event:  A:  Peter Minear  B:  Ramon Quezada C:  Michael Clark

8/12/16   "What Do I Play" openings booklet now back from the printer -- get your copy at the club for $10 or mailed copy for $10 + $2. 

6/7/16  Mark Knerr wins the 2016 Tom Volkert trophy


12/28/15  Larry Noone and Rick Kuhn are the 2015 Quad Co-Champions.  They finished the year with 21.0 points.

12/28/15   Kevin Santo wins the 2015 Elliott Cup! 

9/23/15   Antonio Scalzo and Larry Noone are big winners at the 2015 Joe DeRaymond Memorial QC Event held 8/29.


6/2/15  Jim Strobel wins the 2015 Tom Volkert Memorial title and trophy 

3/27/15  15-move draw-by-agreement policy now in effect for all events -- see Schedule Page

9/10/14  Blog updated with games from the Johnson-Kleinfeld match 

11/6/12 THANK YOU Mr. Touchdown -- for visiting our club on 10/27 as part of the WIF (Wrestling Is Fun) promotion.   You are now an honorary ACCC member!

7/7/12  Want to save $1 on every club entry fee?  Buy the club t-shirt at (and wear it to club events).  Many colors available.

7/28/11 If you like to sing, then check out the new web site 









































































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