Berwickshire, Scotland

Three generations of my earliest known "Allan" ancestors found in Fogo Parish Churchyard, Berwickshire, Scotland dating back to John Allan, born 1736. (Scroll Down)


Please join us for a journey back in time of more than 250 years to learn about my "Allan" ancestors from Berwickshire, Scotland.

We hope to touch the spirit of those ancestors who came before us and to listen for the echo of their lives. If we listen carefully, we may catch more than a fleeting glance of ourselves. 

The "Allans" lived, worked, attended church and raised their children on farms in Fogo, Swinton and Whitsome Parishes. We have affectionately named these areas of Berwickshire as "Village of Allan."

Immigration to America began in 1850 when William Allan, age 25, and his sister Alison Allan, age 21, crossed the Atlantic and eventually settled in Odell, Livingston County, Illinois.

Their parents, John Allan, born in 1798 and Isabella Hood Allan, born in 1801, joined them two years later.  They were also joined by other Scottish families known as the Imries, Hoods, Denholms, Hallidays, Muirs, Mourtons and Murrays.

In  July, 1999, my wife Mary Lee and I visited Odell, Livingston County, Illinois to learn more about my "Allan" ancestors before we travelled to Berwickshire, Scotland a month later. This website is dedicated to sharing what we learned.

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