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The site dedicated to the Alfa Romeo AlfaSud models

About This Site

This site is run in conjunction with the Alfa Romeo Owners' Club of the United Kingdom but is open to non-members too.  Similarly, the AlfaSud Register (UK) is run by members of the Club but our objective is to gather information on all AlfaSuds in the UK and to promote both interest and  preservation of these exceptional cars. The site is now well past the first stages of construction which started in March 2007 but we hope to continuously develop both scope and content. Central to the endeavour is the establishment of a database encompassing as many UK based cars as possible. If you own an Alfasud we urge you to take the first step to include your car on the register.  Simply click on the 'Register Your Sud' tab in the menu on the left and fill in the form.  Please note that those questions marked * represent the minimum information which would be useful.  If, for any reason you would prefer not to answer any of the other questions at this stage, simply leave them blank. You may be contacted direct and asked for specific information e.g. whether your car could be available for a particular photo shoot or article. Also, if you e mail a digital photo of your car, or any 'Sud of particular interest, I will do my best to include it in either the Register Gallery or the Photo Gallery.


For any matter related to this website ONLY, please contact the Webmaster, Bryan Alexander via  

 ALL other Register matters should be referred to the Register Secretary, Colin Metcalfe via

Data Refreshing

Now that the site is well past the first stages, inevitably some of the Register detail is becoming out-of-date.  If there have been changes to your registered detail, please let us know by sending another Registration Form on line. This is particularly important if you have sold or scrapped the car (shame!) or your e mail or home address has changed. There is no need to repeat the items which remain the same, just check the box asking whether your car has been previously registered

Which Models ?

The models covered by this register include all 4 door saloons, 2 /3 door Ti saloons and Sprint coupe tipos from the introduction in the UK in July 1973 until the last of the Sprints in 1989.  Although strictly speaking the 'Sud ceased production in late 1983, the Sprint continued as the Alfa Romeo Sprint and although the Alfasud name was dropped it was still essentially 'a Sud' despite the incorporation of some 33 elements such as outboard front disc brakes.


You will notice on the menu that we  have an ALFASUD FORUM !!!


Website News

For easy reference, all entered cars have now been given a three digit web reference number prefixed by SR ( 'Sud Register -  I thought AR would be misleading!).  There is nothing significant about the allocated order, it is merely the numbering sequence as entered on the Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet.  For example, James Wheeler's Ti GC is SR017.  At the same time, there is a  page of photos entitled 'Register Gallery' and the aim is to include as many photographs of registered cars as possible, in web reference number sequence.  If your car is registered but there is no photo in the Register Gallery - then do the obvious and send  one to    Or if it is in there but you would prefer a different shot, I will be pleased to change it.

Also, since there have been enquiries from people who are not familiar with the tipo,  I have included a page on Brief Model History.

Additionally, I have indulged myself with a page on 'Special Editions' and invite any additional information or corrections that anyone might have in this sector, which is not easy to research.

There is also a  page devoted to 'extreme' Suds under the title 'Silly Suds'.