Alexandra Herd

Train Hard, Play Smart, Never Give In, Win



The Harder I work the Luckier i get

Hallo to everyone who takes the time to look at my website i hope you will include it into your favorites and keep checking in from time to time.Ive built this website with alot of help from my Mum and Dad to keep a record of achievements if am lucky enough to make any.As you will see their are not many at the moment but providing i keep listening to my coaches and my parents and i work hard in training i will be able to keep adding new content to the site. My long term ambition is to be a professional tennis player and to be No1 in the world.

My Goals for 2010/11 are to win as many tennis europe tournaments as possible if i can get the funding to play in any also to play the Orange Bowl,and the Eddie Herr in 2011 and to represent Team GB. Very high on my list of goals is to ensure my results and improvement in my game are constantly improving . One thing i need to ensure is that i get my tennis europe ranking up as high as possible to ensure i can get into the higher grade tournaments without needing to qualify. I want to ensure my results allow that i be included in as many GB trips to tournaments as possible to represent my country.

Consistency is at the top of my agenda for this year and ensuring i do the right things in training and at competitions to give myself the best chance possible of winning the tournaments i play in. I also want to challenge the girls older than me in the UK for their place on the GB Squads but i really need to work hard to deliver the Results,. I know it is possible through dedication and hard work and listening to my coach Kate Warne-Holland.

      " When others are exhausted for me the work has just begun"

       Patrick Mourtaglou

      Pressure is a privlidge

           (Billie Jean King)