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District 8 Meeting Card

COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Advisory Page

The meeting lists do not constitute approval of any
group's manner of practicing the Al-Anon program. If the
group you attend is not right for you, please try another.

Personal anonymity , as well as confidentiality creates a safe place to Get Help
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Contact District 8 at

Several groups in District 8 are meeting using FONGO Conference Calls. To join the meetings call 902-932-1200. When prompted enter the meeting pass code.

could incur long distance charges if you don’t have a phone plan. Many cell
phone plans offer Canada Wide calling (check yours).

PLEASE NOTE: The only number for NS, NB, and PEI to call is the 902 one above. This could incur long distance charges if you don’t have a long distance calling plan. Many cell phone plans offer Canada Wide calling (check yours).


                                  District 8 Meeting Card








Kingston Serenity AFG                                                  DURING COVID-19

Multi-Addiction Center (MAC)                                          Group not Meeting

2080 Bishop Mountain Rd.                                          

Kingston, NSMAP                                                      




Tues 8:00 pm





Mending Bridges AFG                                                    DURING COVID-19

Ellershouse Hall                                                             Meeting at 11:00 am Wed

429 Ellershouse Rd.                                                       FONGO pass code

Ellershouse, NSMAP                                                902-932-7986 #

contact group at:




7:30 pm






CentrevilIe Morning AFG                                                DURING COVID-19

United Baptist Church                                                      Meeting at 10:00 am Tues

870 Murray Dr.                                                               FONGO pass code

Centreville, NSMAP                                                   902-932-7986 #




Tues 10:00 am





Grateful AFG                                                                   DURING COVID-19

Wolfville Baptist Church                                                  Meeting at 8:00 pm Thurs

487 Main St (use Highland St entrance)                            FONGO pass code

Wolfville, NSMAP                                                     902-932-7986 #







8:00 pm



Friendly AFG                                                                    DURING COVID-19

St John's Presbyterian Church                                          Meeting at 6:30 pm Sat

(basement)                                                                   FONGO pass code

211 King Street                                                             902-932-7986 #

Windsor, NS - MAP









6:30 pm

Canning AFG                                                              DURING COVID-19

Glooscap Elementary School                                       Meeting at 7:00 pm Fri

1017 J. Jordan Road                                                  FONGO pass code

Canning, NSMAP                                                  902-932-7986 #

No meeting if school is cancelled on a storm day.








7:00 pm


Adult Children of Alcoholics AFG                          DURING COVID-19

Salvation Army                                                       Meeting at 7:00 pm Wed

15 Nichols Ave                                                       FONGO pass code

Kentville, NS - MAP                                              902-932-7986 #





Wed 7:00 pm 





Hope New Minas AFG                                          DURING COVID-19

Orchard Valley United Church                                Meeting at 10:00 am Thurs

130 Cornwallis Avenue                                          FONGO pass code

New Minas, NSMAP                                        902-932-7986 #






Thurs 10:00 am



Valley Alateen                                                                 DURING COVID-19

Ellerhouse, NS                                                                 Group not Meeting

Please call 888-4Al-Anon (888-425-2666)

9:00 am to 7:00 pm, Monday to Friday,

for meeting location.



Mon 6:15 pm