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District 12 Meeting Card

COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Advisory Page 

The meeting lists do not constitute approval of any
group's manner of practicing the Al-Anon program. If the
group you attend is not right for you, please try another.

Personal anonymity , as well as confidentiality creates a safe place to Get Help
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District 12 Meeting Card








Annapolis Royal AFG

Annapolis Baptist Church

762 St George Street

Annapolis Royal, NSMAP




Wed 8:00 pm




Rays of Hope AFG - evening

Ste Anne University

1695 Route 1

Bernadin Comeau Bldg, Room 323

Church Point, NSMAP



Tues 7:00 pm





Rays of Hope AFG - daytime

Municipal Building

1185 Route 1

Little Brook, NSMAP




Wed 2:00 pm




One Day At A Time AFG                                                  DURING COVID-19

Holy Trinity Church Hall                                                  Group has reopened

61 William Street

Yarmouth, NSMAP







7:00 pm


Listen and Learn AFG

Island and Barrington Passage Fire Dept

1081 Highway 330

Centreville, Cape Sable Island, NSMAP


Mon 7:30 pm