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District 11 Meeting Card

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group you attend is not right for you, please try another.

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Al-Anon Printable Meeting List February 2020 (*Note - May not be as up to date as below)

District 11 - Meeting Card
Information Phone #-
(902) 466-7077(902) 466-7077








Hope and Peace AFG
Bedford United Church, room 404

(back parking lot entrance)

1200 Bedford Hwy

Bedford, NS - MAP




7:30 pm


Acceptance AFG 
St. John the Baptist Church
26 Purcell's Cove Road
Halifax, NS
 - MAP


 8:00 pm


Serenity AFG

Anglican Church of the Apostles (formerly St. Philip's Church) 

6670 Bayers Road (at Connaught Ave.)

Parking on George Dauphinee Drive; entrance at rear door off George Dauphinee, then downstairs

Halifax, NS - MAP



8:00 pm


Cornerstones AFG
Step and Tradition Study
1st Sackville Presbyterian Church
60 Beaverbank Road
Sackville, NS - MAP



7:30 pm

Halifax AFG                      WC

Piers Military Community Centre
WP 106 / 6393 Homefire Crescent (driveway between curling & auto clubs)
(Homefire is off Hawk Terrace and can be accessed off Windsor or Connolly Streets.)
Al-Anon members not required to pay at parking kiosk at entrance
Windsor Park, Halifax, NS  -



7:00 pm


Clayton Park Sunshine AFG
Halifax Christian Church      
51 Farnham Gate Road         
Use door along side driveway, downstairs
(Not Wheelchair Accessible)
Halifax, NS
10:00 am



St Margarets Bay Serenity AFG
St Lukes United Church (first door on left side)
5374 St Margarets Bay Rd  (basement level)
Tantallon, NS MAP



7:00 pm



Sambro Loop Serenity AFG 

St. Paul's United Church

173 Old Sambro Road 

Sambro, NS   MAP




Grateful AFG

St. Joseph's Parish Hall

Room E, Back Entrance

115 Pleasant Street

Bridgewater, NS - MAP

**St. Josephs Hall put in paid parking, but Al-Anon

members will be given a free pass code number

to exit so they will not have to pay. There is free

parking on Pleasant Street in front of the church

and the church parking lot to the right of the

church is also free.



7:00 pm

10:30 am