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 Our lovely Bostonterrier Ella (Deniro Shooting Star In The Cosmos) did very well at her debut in dogshows. BIS-2 Puppy 2013-03-17.  

She will soon have her own page. The nice reindeer showleash is made by Elfva Design. Click on the picture and you wil get to the website.
















 Skorven (C.I.B MultiCH Hevw-12) BIS Brace with his daughter Suki . Kalix 2013-03-16

Tack alla goa valpköpare för en supertrevlig dag! Mer bilder finns inlagda i två album på min Facebook.































 Skorven BIS Veteran 2012-12-29 




















































"Fia" (ZZmans Kisses N Flames) BF2 and Cacib. Skorven BOS veteran.































SDHK Show Luleå 25/8-12. Bobby BD2. Fia BB2 CAC, BOB Junior and BIS-4 Junior. Tjabo Exc2 CK. Skorven BOB Veteran & BIS-4 Veteran. Troll 2nd BB Puppy HP. Spot 2nd BD Puppy HP. Finally Hedda Exc2 Junior. 
















Nice day at Open Show Boden 8/11-12. Spot Bis-4 Puppy. Fia Bis-3 Intermediate. And finally our Skorven Bis Veteran.














































Our Bobby (C.I.B Multi CH Mini Fashion Floor It You Like It) BOS and Skorven (C.I.B Multi CH Ilanc Ilanc) BM4 at his last show in Championclass, next weekend he will compete in Veteran class at Kemi Int Dog Show :) Our beloved "oldboy" ♥
Finally our 7 month old youngster, Spot (Björnstigen's On The Spot) was BOB puppy. Many nice puppies, both males and females :) Judge: Siv Jernhake
















Nice day at Oulu Int Dog Show, Finland 14/7-12. Bobby (Multi CH Mini Fashion Floor It You Like It) BOS, Fia (Zzman's Kisses N Flames) BB4 and Res-CAC, Our 7month young Spot (Björnstigen's On The Spot) was BOB puppy with good competition from other nice puppies, Sune (SE FI NO Norduch Björnstigen's Fierce Brindle Boy) Exc3 & CK in CHclass, Skorven (Multi CH Ilanc Ilanc) BM2, and finally our Kakan (SE FI NO Norduch Björnstigen's Chocolate Chip Cookie) BB2 even though she was out of coat ;) Judge: LOKODI CSABA ZSOLT

BOB Breedersclass Long Coat. "Hedda" BF4 Res-CAC.

Judge: Torbjörn Skaar.

Grattis "Alfons" matte Emma 

Time flies... our Multi CH Skorven is now almost 8 years old. Still going strong ;)



Thank you Sandra for handling our Skorven!


Björnstigen's On The Spot 11 weeks old. Now he and his sister has their own pages. Look under males/females for Spot & Troll.



Stort Grattis till Fanny Lagerskog, våran duktiga "praktikant" i kenneln som studerar på Grans Gymnasium Hundprogram. På Inoff i Boden 28/1-12 visade hon "Skorven" ända fram till BIS-1 :) / Our skilled trainee from Grans Dog School did very well 28/1-12 at Open Show where she showed Multi CH "Skorven" all the way to BIS-1 :) Judge: Ewa Rajala Wikermo

Björnstigen's Make Lucky Chocolate (Tjabo) 10month

ZZman's Kisses N Flames (Fia) 5month




















 Skorven BIR. Rosita (Björnstigen's Happy Harmony) BIM Cert


Good Year. Skorven best longcoat chihuahua in Finland 2010. Kakan 9th on same list. Bobby 7rd best smoothcoat chihuahua. Prince nr.1 longcoat puppy. Our kennel Björnstigen's became 2nd mostwinnig breeder, longcoat.



























Skorven (Ilanc Ilanc) Such Fiuch Nuch Dkuch Norduch & C.I.B




Björnstigen's Great King Of Brindle, ägare Tanja Heikkinen Kennel Tancherry, Finland                                            









Uppfödning av Chihuahua, lång- & korthår i hemmiljö.

Breeding in small scale at home environment.

Vi är medlem i SKK & Chihuahuacirkeln.








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