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February 2017


                     In Memory of Chris 'Buster' Green       December 1955- November 2015        

March 9th 2013
For my brother Graeme Rennie. Rest In Peace


I know you now as Einherjar, my brother not in sleep

Shieldmaidens and such Valkyries your soul desire to keep

And as they speed you gently on, Valhalla's doors swing wide

To deliver you where you belong to take your seat inside

You'll feast on Saehrimnar, drink mead from Heiorun

Brave warrior steadfast and true, you are now Odin's son

Prepare my steadfast brother, but wait not listlessly for me

My bow for the battle at Vïgrïor still lives within its tree

But on that day, stand by my side, for Ragnarok we'll ride

Our destiny fulfilled at last with ravens by our side

With brothers we will fight again but not again to die

Eternal is our kinship, immortal is our tie

We have but one great battle left when Odin is denied

Our vengeance wrought upon Fenrir once more again we'll ride

There is no maiden's love you've lost, eternal is that flame

Forever she will hear your thunder roar and bathe amid your rain

Timeless is your dignity, you'll live where legends lye

My sword is yours, my shield and more, your memory divine

A Poem For Graeme Rennie
by Alan Hillier March 6th 2013

 For anyone who stumbles in here and doesn't know the story.....

The Finchley Boys were a group of young teenage lads from East Finchley in North London who collided with a band called the Stranglers at the Torrington way back in November 1976. We had an incredible rollercoaster ride following them through the crazy early days of Punk.

I have posted a few of these memories on Jim Radley's brilliant 'Burning Up Time' web site. I am now updating some of those stories,adding some new ones, chucking in a photograph or two and trying to make these ditties more interesting...well.thats the general idea....."

Although a lot of things that will appear in here will be 'Stranglers' orientated there will be others that will definately not be .

I really don't know what will turn never know what you might find.

Those of you that have visited before will notice that I continually alter the things that have already been posted.I will always change things and re-write sections all the time..I will add new pics to things that previous visitors have already read , so you could say that this whole experience is a 'work in constant progress' .and knowing me.....

it will never......ever... be finished 

Check out Jim's site.Top Geezer







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