Yost Photography

Photography by Shawn Yost

2013 Airshows posted in the Gallery:

Battle Creek Field of Flight

Rotary Brantford Charity Airshow


2010 Airshows

2010 Brantford Charity Airshow Performers:

Canadian Forces Snowbirds (9x CT-114 Tutor)

Canadian Forces SkyHawks
Canadian Harvard Team (3x T-6 Harvards)

Rob Holland Aerobatics (MX2)
L-29 Delphin (Martin Mattes)

Lancaster (Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum)

Lysander III (Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum)

PBY-5A Canso (Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum)

B-25J Mitchell (Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum)

DC-3 Dakota (Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum)*

Rick Volker (SU-26M)


* = Photo unavailable

2010 Windsor International Air Show Performers:


Canadian Forces Snowbirds (9x CT-114 Tutor)

Brazilian Air Force Smoke Squadron (6x EMB-312 Tucano)

American Barnstormer (Walt Pierce and Jenny Forsythe) (Stearman)

CF-18 Hornet

Canadian Harvard Team (3x T-6 Harvards)

Lancaster (Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum)

Firefly Mark VI (Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum)

Lysander III (Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum)

Jacquie B (Pitts S2B)

Manfred Radius*

Hurricane (Rick Volker) (Russell Group)

P-51 Mustang Mark IV (Vintage Wings of Canada)
MiG-15 (Viper North) (Larry Alexander)

CH-146 Griffon (SAR Demo)


* = Photo unavailable

Thunder Over Michigan 2010 Performers:

B-17G Flying Fortress – “Aluminum Overcast”
B-17G Flying Fortress – “Liberty Belle”
B-17G Flying Fortress – “Sentimental Journey”
B-17G Flying Fortress – “Texas Raiders”
B-17G Flying Fortress – “Yankee Lady”
B-17F Flying Fortress - “The Movie Memphis Belle”
B-25 Mitchell - "Yankee Warrior"
P-51C Mustang “Old Crow”

Canadian Harvard Aircraft Association (4x Harvards)
B-24 Liberator “Witchcraft” (Colling’s Foundation)

F-100 Super Sabre (Dean Cutshall)
Misty Blues All Woman Skydiving Team
John Mohr Barnstorming (Stearman)
Scream`n Rebel Airshows (5x T-6 Texans)
The Horsemen (3x P-51 Mustangs)
B-52 Stratofortress

F-16 Viper (East CoastDemo)
F/A-18C Hornet (East Coast Demo)

Field of Flight Air Show 2010 Performers:

F-22 Raptor

F-4 Phantom II

F/A-18C Hornet (East Coast demo)

AV-8B Harrier II

John Klatt (Staudacher S-300D)

Red Star  (L-29 Delphin)

Dragon  (Andy Anderson's BAC-167 Strikemaster)

Iron Eagles (2x Christian Eagle)

Matt Chapman (Eagle 580)

Bob Carlton (Jet powered sailplane)

Otto the Helicopter

B-25 Mitchell – “Yankee Warrior”

The Hoppers (3x L-39 Albatross)

Neal Darnell (Jet Powered S-10 Truck)*

Randy Harris (Skybolt 300)*

Gary Ward (MX2)*

Team Chaos (* = Team Chaos Participant)

Muskegon Summer Celebration Air Show 2010 Performers:


F-16 Viper (West Coast demo team)

Greg Shelton (Solo, Super Stearman)

B-25 Mitchell – “Axis Nightmare”

Billy Werth (Pitts S2C)

Bill Stein (Edge 540)

Greg Shelton/Ashley Battles (Wingwalking)

Team MS760 (Dale Snodgrass & Jerry Kerby)

HH-65B Dolphin (SAR Demo)

A-10 Warthog (x2 from Barksdale AFB 47th Fighter Squadron, 917th Wing) )

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