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The Agency for Health and Food Security (AHEFS) is a Ghana-based Civil Society Organisation (CSO) registered and incorporated in May 2007 to promote research and provide services in project implementation, monitoring and evaluation (M&E) and capacity-building services in gender-sensitive and human rights-based development environment in West Africa. 

As a development organisation in health, climate change and agriculture, AHEFS runs three programmes namely;

  • Preventive Health Programme (PHP),
  • Environmental Protection Programme (EPP) and
  • Food Security Programme (FSP)
As part of its activities, AHEFS supports institutional capacity building in the area of operations research, quality improvement, development project planning, implementation and M&E. AHEFS is endowed with a strong research and project management teams who consistently provide behavioural change education services to its target populations most of whom reside in rural and hard-to-reach communities employing participatory approaches of focus group discussion (FGD), participatory learning and action (PLA) and problem-based learning (PBL) simultaneously with analytical approaches of cause-effect analysis, cost-benefit analysis and root-cause analysis in the facilitation of behavioural change communication (BCC) activities.

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