Agape Garden

Theresian Community

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In formation from January 2006 until April 2008

Chartered:  April 16, 2008 


In November 2005, Ann Whitman held an informational meeting in the library of the Calais Center at Holy Cross Catholic Church for approximately 22 women interested in becoming Theresians.  Ann Whitman and Stephanie Hebert began mentoring Agape Garden with the first meeting being held in the home of Mary Ann Fontenot on January 18, 2006.  Sixteen members attended.  Robyn Boudreaux soon joined in assisting Ann and Stephanie as mentors and after a little over two years of formation, the community was chartered in April of 2008.  Over the years members have come and gone for various reasons.  For the 2015 - 2016 year the community consists of 15 dedicated and prayerful spiritual members.  




Ann Whitman - Open Heart Community

Stephanie Hebert - Open Heart Community

Robyn Boudreaux - Serviam Community