Weibel After School Band Classes




Flute is VERY difficult to start out on.  It is not a good instrument for children with learning issues or if you are in Resource. It helps if you are a good reader and have good fine motor coordination (for example, if you have pretty handwriting and can type fast). Some people have a little “bead” on their upper lip and they shouldn’t play flute.

Flute is one of the smallest instruments, but takes the MOST air, since only about half the air goes into the instrument.

There are MANY, MANY children who play flute.  Competition to get into honor bands in jr high and high school is stiff on this instrument.

If you choose to play flute, supplies needed: a cloth bandana and a cleaning rod (a cleaning rod should come with your flute).


The Carnival of Venice on Flute with Wind Ensemble ("Wind Ensemble", "Wind Band", "Wind Orchestra" or "Military Band" are all fancy names for "band".  Most bands have no violins or violas or cellos.  String instruments usually play in an "orchestra" or "symphony".)