Weibel After School Band Classes

Baritone, Euphonium, and Tuba

Baritone Horn (or euphonium) is easy to start out on. MANY beautiful solos are written for the baritone in high school and college band literature. Very few people play this instrument.

In past years, only two high school students tried out for three baritone chairs in the district honor band.  Playing in honor bands looks good on college applications.

If you choose to play baritone, supplies: a bottle of valve oil and slide grease.

Pirates of the Caribbean-Euphonium "Quartet" 



 Carnival of Venice on Euphonium and Wind Ensemble



There are no "boy" or "girl" instruments.  A lovely Amazing Grace solo.




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Tuba: Start on baritone first. As with the other low brass instruments, there is a huge need for tuba players . In 2008, ONE Horner 8th grader went to the jr high State Honor Band. He was a tuba player (who had never taken private lessons). Mr. Lorigan’s best flute player, who had 5 years of private lessons) auditioned and did not get in.


A Tuba Locomotive Duet with a tuba and euphonium duet (don't know what is up with the Mexican Wrestling Masks!  But I thought it a fun and different piece.)kdwe1Vr8_Fo


Roger Bobo... probably the world's most famous tuba player playing The Carnival of Venice.