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Since 1901, 24 Federal Correctional Workers have been killed by inmates while in the line of duty.


NameStaff PositionLocationDate
Joseph B. WaldrupeCorrectional OfficerUSP LeavenworthNovember 10, 1901
Andrew F. TurnerCorrectional OfficerUSP LeavenworthMarch 26, 1916
Edgar A. BarrCorrectional OfficerUSP LeavenworthMarch 19, 1917
James R. BrockDeputy WardenUSP AtlantaDecember 27, 1917
Andrew H. LeonardCaptainUSP LeavenworthNovember 14, 1922
R.G. WarnkeLaundry ForemanUSP LeavenworthJune 20, 1929
Royal C. ClineCorrectional OfficerUSP AlcatrazMay 23, 1938
Harold P. StitesSenior OfficerUSP AlcatrazMay 2, 1946
William A. MillerCorrectional OfficerUSP AlcatrazMay 3, 1946
William W. LatimerCorrectional OfficerNat'l Training SchoolOctober 15, 1960
Vern M. JarvisSenior OfficerUSP MarionJanuary 26, 1969
Wayne L. SelleSenior OfficerUSP LeavenworthJuly 31, 1973
John W. JohnsonCorrectional OfficerUSP LeavenworthSeptember 29, 1974
Donald F. ReisSenior Officer SpecialistFCI El RenoFebruary 28, 1975
Janice R. HylenContract DieticianUSP AtlantaNovember 21, 1979
Gregory J. GunterMaintenance Mechanic General ForemanFCI PetersburgDecember 25, 1982
Gary L. RoweSenior OfficerMCC San DiegoFebruary 7, 1983
Merle E. CluttsSenior Officer SpecialistUSP MarionOctober 22, 1983
Robert L. HoffmanSenior Officer SpecialistUSP MarionOctober 22, 1983
Boyd H. SpikermanCorrectional OfficerFCI OxfordJanuary 29, 1984
Robert F. MillerSenior OfficerUSP LewisburgOctober 12, 1987
D'Antonio WashingtonCorrectional OfficerUSP AtlantaDecember 22, 1994
Scott J. WilliamsSenior Officer SpecialistUSP LompocApril 3, 1997

Jose Rivera

Eric J. Williams

Correctional Officer

Correctional Officer


USP Atwater

USP Canaan

June 20, 2008

February 25, 2013



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Under the Privacy Act, federal agencies are required to "collect information to the greatest extent practicable directly from the individual when the information may result in adverse determinations about an individual's rights

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Federal workers hired on or after Jan. 1, 2014, with less than five years of service would have to pay 4.4 percent toward their defined retirement benefit -- 1.3 percent more than the current 3.1 percent that employees hired after 2012 contribute.

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Statistics for 2016


Staff Murdered by Inmates: 0

Inmate Homicides: 0

Assault on Staff Without Weapons: 2

Assault on Staff With Weapons: 0

Last Updated: October 19, 2016

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