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Hail Knights, to War! To War!

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Significant Divergent Chapter
Advantages: Trust Your Battle-Brother, Suffer Not the Works of Heretics
Disadvantages: We Stand Alone, Eye to Eye

History in Brief

First Chapter Master: Roland LesBlaine, former captain among the Dark Angels
Current Chapter Master: Grand Master Rindaris Synth'rad of Aesir
Deathwatch Master: Master Severus Gilynd

he Aesir Knights were once part of the Dark Angels. When factions of the Legion turned traitor a great many loyal Angels were sent after some of the traitors that attempted to escape. These hunting Angels sought their prey for centuries untold. Over time and many conflicts they did weed down those they sought until only a few remained.

During one of the conflicts with the traitors the Angels found their main ships heavily damaged and long range travel unable to be maintained, though the traitors lost their only remaining ship and only a handful were able to escape from its corpse. The Angels settled on a nearby planet called Aesir while their ships would be repaired.

The inhabitants of Aesir had been long lost from the Imperial ways, their customs quite unlike anything the marines would expect. But there was no hint of Chaos or corruption so they were merely accepted by the marines, and the marines were welcomed with open arms.

Far from friendly space the Angels found it hard to repair their vessels and their time on Aesir grew longer and longer.

Eventually these hunting Angels began to feel forgotten. To call for help so far from home could alert any number of unfavorable responses, from friend and foe alike. Entirely forgotten they were not though and when the Seventh Founding was declared Dark Angels were tasked with aiding in the founding of a new chapter by the High Lords. Rather then send Angels from The Rock or resources that were directly in use the high command instead choose to allot the resources for the new founding from those Angels separated for so long. The High Lords paid little heed to such details, caring only that another Adeptus Astartes chapter would be formed to guard the reaches of Imperial space.

The LaVand Incident: 426.M35
'Captain Albrecht recording. ~a long pause in the recording~ The village of LaVand has been wiped out. Distress calls were received by Alfheim in the early hours yesterday. Local peacekeeping forces responded. Communications relayed messages from the militia of encounters with several Xenos species. Shortly after all communication was silenced. Several units of the Third Company were sent to investigate, led by myself.

Upon arriving at the village we were greeted with only silence in the air and the smell of death in the wind. Several transports belonging to the militia rested outside the village but there was no sign of a single living soul.

During our investigations we found scores of areas scoured by acid. But no source or cause could be determined. We can not conclude that a Xenos species was responsible for these disappearances, but as there are no weaponry or creature that could produce the damage we saw I conclude that the village was indeed attacked by an outside force. It must be noted however that shortly before we arrived at LaVand that a ship was detected leaving orbit of Aesir.' 
They would claim Aesir as their homeworld and take the name of the Errant Knights. While the precise details of the succession orders are known only to the Masters many of the now-Knights felt that they had been cast away from the Dark Angels.

At the time of their founding the Errant Knights were nearly 300 strong. Due to their isolation from Imperial space it would take them much longer then most fledgling chapters to build up their numbers.

They would continue to hunt the remaining traitors they were sent after, in time slaying them all. But such a quest came at a great cost to the chapter itself.

With its purpose complete the chapter would set behind itself all remnants of what it once was and truly come into their own. The Masters of the Knights considered themselves forsaken by the Angels, having been sent on a hunt for Fallen only to be cut away from the Chapter entirely. They forsook the name of Errant Angels and became the Aesir Knights. Due to their founding while in isolation and continued self-reliance there are very few official records to be found about the Aesir Knights.

The Aesir Knights have never had a full 10 companies, at the best they might have numbered 800 strong. The Knights truly only have regular communications with the Adeptus Mechanicus, relying heavily upon Knights trained as Techmarines as well as the desire to keep their arms and armor in prime form.


Aesir - Segmentum Obscurus

Since becoming part of the culture of Aesir the Knights had heard many stories of an ancient people that used to share this world with the colonists. The ancient people were known as the Galadrim. But such stories were old and their accuracy couldn't be relied upon, so few of the inhabitants of Aesir believed them anymore. But when the Knights landed upon the planet and the people saw them for the first time the stories gained a spark of life once more. Many people believed that the Galadrim had returned to them.

While the Knights themselves can not be said to be social individuals they are friendly to the local populace. There are several reasons behind this. First and foremost is the Knights recruit from the populace and wish to only recruit the very best young men among them. It is quite common for communities to hold contests of skill and strength to inspire their youths to better themselves, and prove themselves worthy of the Knights. For a families son to be selected to become a Knight is a great honor. Secondly is that much of the consumables, such as food, the Knights require is provided as tithing from the populace.

The Knights themselves try to avoid getting involved in local disputes, leaving such work to the proper authorities. But will intervene when the incident reaches crisis levels and waiting on more Imperial help so far out in space is simply not a option. These interventions will typically be used as training exercises for new recruits. However in all the time that the Aesir Knights have called this world home there have only been a handful of such worthy incidents that required their intervention.

Aesir itself is not greatly unlike Holy Terra. About half the size but the environment is generally hospitable. There is only one continent, Karsadia, though many sizable island regions. The wildlife on Karsadia is fairly domestic and harmless, providing the native populace with much of what they need to sustain themselves, along with their crops. There is skeletonal evidence there were much larger and more dangerous beasts on this continent many ages ago.

The poles of the planet however are much more harsh environments. Much like Holy Terra they are frozen deserts that only the most hardy can survive. This is where the Knights generally train their new recruits. The beasts of this region are far less friendly then those on Karsadia and can provide new recruits quite a challenge.

Establishing themselves on the world of Aesir they built a monastery-fortress on Karsadia called Alfheim. On the northern pole a smaller fortress has been setup to garrison new recruits and training staff. This smaller garrison has been called Twilight's Fall.

Aesir has three moons. The moon Asura has been terraformed to provide a stable atmosphere. Its gravity level is a little lighter then that of Aesir, but not greatly and it takes only a little getting used to. The only city, also serving as the capital city, of Ansuz governs the mining facilities that seek the precious materials found upon the moon. The materials are highly sought after by the Ad Mech as tithes.

The other two moons are currently uninhabitable and no precious materials have been detected upon them. Their names are Ahura and Iounn.

When the final Fallen they pursued would lead an attack directly against their citadel and devastate their assault bays, containing the majority of their bikes and land speeders. The engineers of the Chapter sought means to savage what remained of their assault vehicles.

During their time on the world the Knights had explored much of the planet. They were able to locate several caves hidden by various means. It would take the skill of their finest techmarines to gain access to these sanctums. Most of these sanctums had been stripped bare. But in a few they were to find machines built of ancient technology. Even of those many were so old or damaged as to be useless. Some, however, were not beyond use.

Using some of this ancient technology they were able to slowly build back up their stock of assault bikes by creating the Strega class bike. (This explains the Eye to Eye disadvantage while at the same time as giving a 'fluff' explanation to my customized bikes)


While only the Masters of the Chapter truly know what their original purpose was, it is known they were once part of the Dark Angels. Many of the Knights felt that the Dark Angels forsook them and let them be cast off. Now that their vessels have been repaired and their purpose complete, they have been able to reach back into Imperial space.

The Masters know that other Fallen Angels are out there, but they no longer consider it their purpose. The Knights hunted down the ones they were set out after and were cut off from the Legion in return for their service. While they still honor the secret of the Dark Angels they will not go out of their way to aid them in their quest.

Though they honor the Dark Angels no more then any other Chapter might, they have not let go of their past completely. They still bear the same iconology of who they once were, but the colors have made it their own.

Coming to learn they could only truly rely upon themselves they place no trust in assistance from outside forces. While they will not turn away an allied force if the situation warrants their assistance the Knights will never go out of their way to seek allies to aid them in battle. (Explanation for We Stand Alone disadvantage)

Their thoughts on the Emperor is he is indeed a great man, a unique power that has set in motion his Empire and continues to sustain it even when his body seems to fail him. But they do not view him as a god, for they know a god could never have suffered the injuries he did and become as he is now. They know he is more then just any man and there has been much fruitless research to discover more about his past. While they do not acknowledge him being a god, they still revere him as their Emperor and leader of mankind.

The Calla Incident: 876.M41
'Captain Severus recording. Sensors had detected a vessel of unknown origin entering atmosphere. While data from sensors was minimal it did match with recorded data from previous incidents with unknown Xenos attacks. Approximate landing zone was determined. A force was mustered to intercept the Xenos before they could repeat their transgressions.

We arrived at the landing zone and found nothing. Patrols were established and local settlements were alerted to the danger. Within a matter of a few hours we began to receive distress calls from the village of Calla. Mobilizing we moved towards the village swiftly.

Upon arriving we found the village under siege by what can best be described as some form of Tyranid. They were readily slaying all who fought against them, those that could not fight were being taken away into the woods surrounding the village. Engaging the beasts we found them much more resilient then reports of Tyranids would suggest. Fortunately their numbers were not great and we were able to push them back towards the forest line.

As we believed we had the beasts under control we received information that an Imperial craft bearing no insignia had landed near our location. Moments later I received acknowledgment from one declaring himself to be Captain Riyzel, offering the aid of the Deathwatch. Uncalled allies made us cautious but the beasts were far more numerous then we could have known and immediate aid was something we desperately needed.

Joined with Captain Riyzel and his men we were able to wipe out the beasts and attend to the survivors.

Later we would receive reports that another village had been attacked as well. However they were unable to relay a distress call and by the time we were made aware of the attack little remained of the village.

When we returned to the previous village we found the corpses of all the beasts vaporized. Nothing left what-so-ever besides acid burnt ground to ever speak of their presence.

Expecting to detect a fleeing vessel we remained on guard. We did not have to wait long until the sensors did indicate that a ship was lifting off. Coordinates indicated the vessel was at the landing zone we previously investigated. Quickly mobilizing we arrived in time to witness a ship of unknown origin burst into the sky. Vessels waiting in orbit however did not see the escaping craft, through conventional nor mechanical means.'
Knights Creed
Excerpts from the Tome of the Knights Creed:

I aim with my eye,
I shoot with my mind,
I kill with my heart.
-Knights Creed, Declarus Primus

Know not the rage of war,
Know not the fear of pain,
Know not the bane of ego.
-Knights Creed, Declarus Ultiminus

Death be not the end to fear,
For failure of your task at hand
Brings shame greater then death itself.
-Knights Creed, Declarus Omegus


The Aesir Knights currently have nearly 8 full companies. The eighth company is primarily scouts and recruits in training.

The first battle company is typically the Aesir Knights that will answer calls to battle. The second, third and eighth typically remain at Alfheim to serve in its defense and for training purposes. The remaining companies are normally on patrol to aid in more minor incidents, though ready to reinforce the first battle company should the need arise.

Unlike most Chapters the Aesir Knights do not use their First Company as a Veteran Company, instead keeping the Veterans spread out among the other chapters.  

While the Knights have nothing against Librarians there are not many to be found in their ranks. Ten at best within the entire Chapter. None are assigned to a particular company, instead serving alongside commanders when the need arises.

The Aesir Knights have found themselves favored by the Deathwatch, having a greater percentage of their members being volunteers to serve the Deathwatch then most other chapters. In fact one of the Masters within the chapter serves within the Deathwatch, Severus Gilynd. It is not uncommon for Severus to form a command squad from the Knights who also serve along with the Deathwatch. These squads are typically led by Malakite Dejorand, a former Techmarine who chooses to serve on the battlefield as a leader of men rather then a watcher of machines.

The Aesir Knights do have a number of Dreadnoughts, though only one of Venerable status. This particular dreadnought is rarely awakened and its name is known only to the Masters of the Chapter. It is believed that when great matters are at hand that the Masters will awaken his ancient so his council can be added to that of the Masters to determine a course of action.


The Aesir Knights do not focus on one particular aspect of combat. The commanders strive to keep the Knights malleable and adaptable to readily face whatever enemies of mankind they are set against.

In just about any engagement the Knights do favor war machines, be it predators and vindicators to lay down heavy supporting fire or land raiders to get their assault troops to the front line quickly.

The notable exception of the Aesir Knights in comparison to other chapters is the few fast assault vehicles to be found among their forces. This is partially due to their limited qualities as the Knights are still recovering from having the majority of their assault craft destroyed as well as due to few of the force commanders favoring them.
The Aesir Knights are perhaps one of the most silent Adeptus Astartes forces there are, aside from the cacophony from their war machines, once on the field of battle. Keeping the calm of their creed in mind they focus on the battle and letting their actions speak their purpose. The commanders will typically issue a call to battle and then let the dim silence be their only notice before opening fire.

Commanders Battlecry: 'Hail Knights, to War! To War!'

Naming of the Knights

The inhabitants of Aesir had a language mixed with an ancient tongue and when the marines came to their planet many of the old honored words grew into favor once more. The natives shared these honored words with the marines and gave them names befitting them. This custom grew into tradition within the Chapter itself.

Company Manifests

First Battle Company, Tirithgur 'Watchers Over Death'.

  • Lead by Master Severus Gilynd
  • Command Squad formed from Aesir Knights inducted into the Deathwatch; Cuhaglatho (Gunslingers).
  • Dreadnoughts: Roland, Oiradagnir (Eternal Bane), Oiranienar (Eternal Sorrow), Oiranar (Eternal Fire)
  • 2 Land Raiders, 3 Predators, 2 Whirlwinds, 2 Land Speeders

Second Aesir Company

Third Aesir Company

Fourth Orbital Company

  • Battle Barge Starfury
  • Battle Barge Caliburn
  • 7 Strike Cruisers

Fifth Battle Company

Sixth Battle Company

Seventh Battle Company

Eighth Young Blood Company 


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