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July 18, 2006

This site is a proud member of the LegacyLand Web Ring, created and hosted by Jenn the Simmer Girl ( Please scroll to the bottom of this page to find the web ring links.

Thanks Jenn! 

~Aeronwy Diobhell

June 3, 2006

Got two new chapters up for the Vacha clan, which brings me up to date with my game, which means I can finally play them again! Click on the link "Vacha Family Legacy" to the left to find the links to the individual chapters. Next on my agenda is to get their Family Tree updated again. But probably not until next weekend.

I hope you enjoy!

April 6, 2006

As I'm sure you have noticed, I have added a few more sections. You can now find the Vacha Family Tree on the side-bar to the left. It is currently only updated through Generation 3, but I hope to find time this weekend to update to include Generation 4.

I have also started a mini-challenge, call the Asylum Challenge. You can find the link to this story also in the side-bar on the left. A link to the rules of this challenge can be found on the first page. It's a nice break from my Legacy family, although I think leaving 7 sims to fend for themselves for much longer might send me into a loony bin! But it's been a blast. If I remember to, I'll snag links to other people's stories of their Asylums and add it to the front page of my Asylum section.

I hope you enjoy reading about my sims!


Aeronwy's Stories

March 24, 2006

Welcome to my Sims 2 site. Here you will find the stories of my Sims 2 families. Well, you will when I get some content loaded up, at least.

I mostly play the Legacy Challenge. (I'll put a link to the official website when I create a links page. Erm, some day...) My Vacha family and my Aqua family are both played with these rules.

I've recently started playing the Torchbearer Challenge (also known as the I'm Surrounded By Idiots Challenge). I'll put a link on my links page for this one too eventually. My Sonnet family is played following these rules. I don't plan on there being much story-telling with this family. This is mostly going to be the family I play when my game-play with my Legacy families gets too far ahead of my posted family.

Anyway, I plan to do a bunch of work on my site this coming weekend and next week. So you should start seeing my stories appear here soon. Thanks for stopping by and I hope to see you again soon!

~Aeronwy Diobhell

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