Ashen Empires Guides

Update 27/07/07

Added two new links to the navbar

Leah's Guide to Spell Casting

Leah's Tour of The Mainland

Ashen Empires Guides

Here you can find Guides about Ashen empires, from valinor to SoC and from where to place orbs to what weapons are "good".

These guides are taken from posts by players of the Ahen Empires community and links to various sites with information about weapons, maps, and skills. These sites and guides were not done by me, this site is to keep them all together so u dont have to look around everywhere for them.


Every time theres new guides or information about AE released i will add it to this site.i will update this site as and when it needs to be to keep it being useful to you.


I would like to thank Myke, Dahaka, Silverfox and Behin for creating and giving me permission to use this information.

Thanks also go to Telarin for creating AeAuction and to the Dragoneers for their great and helpful site, and to Bassbounce for his very helpful site.

And thanks to Nwellyn for DevSaid, its a very helpful site.

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