Every City Has Its Heroes


Continuing the legacy of Xena: Warrior Princess in the 21st century, Xena's daughter, Eve, has been brought into an age of demons and darkness. With new friends and old foes Eve will learn to reconcile a path of peace with a deadly mission. And as the Messenger of Eli discovers the true destiny of a Messenger she will find the true power that lies within every human being.

Every city has its heroes and New York is no exception as six extraordinary people rise up to join Eve in her battle to protect the freedoms that the world holds so dear. These people prove that hope still exists even now in a perilous time. Together they protect the people from those who would destroy the human race. They are the best, last and only line of defence. If that line is broken evil could infect the world. It begins in the city and that is where it has to end . . .

This Week on Eve: The Virtual Series


Eve makes a dangerous journey into the past to discover the origins of Tao An: The Dark Messenger. But will the answers help her or hinder her?


March 23 2016

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