Dark Evolution Mod

Dark Evolution Description

This is a very interesting mod for Starcraft. It completely changes the three races:
Zerg are now the Hell Zerg, very strong and massive creatures, with exagerated amounts of damage, but very low on HP. Their new siege ground unit is the Zerg Fireriser.
The Terran are now the Infested Terran, specialists in numbers and speed unit creation. Their most basic unit is the Terran Fanatic, a suiciding unit.
The Protoss are now the Exiled Protoss, a race of Templars with a unconcievable amount of HP and SP. Their air units are all now Golems.

The Hell Zerg can upgrade thier attacks to Lv 6, the Exiled Protoss their Psi Shields and Armor to Lv 6, and the Infested Terran can upgrade everything to Lv 4.

Hey, and here we have the rating poll- Please post what you think about Dark Evolution and its races and rate the mod!


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