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The Plan

This is a close up of the Heron Plan to give you an idea of the results we have achieved by digitally cleaning them.


All our Senior Series Plans are double sided.


Each plan was scanned into computer, then they were very carefully cleaned. All the random spots, stains and creases were erased. The drawings themselves were individually checked for clarity, if we could clean them we did, if however we considered them too damaged, then they were completely redrawn. For example The Linnet, Heron and Widgeon all have re-drawn wings.  Every item removed for cleaning was then repositioned on the plan in the correct place and, finally, all the borders were replaced with a new one to ensure everything was straight. The plan is then stored on computer and when required will be printed at a 760dpi resolution. This ensure's that you will always get a clean plan every time.

Throughout this process we were very conscious of keeping each plan as close to the original as possible. We think that we have achieved this and are proud of the results.

 We believe you will not find a better version of the Frog Senior Series Plan's anywhere! 

Note: We have occasionally had to replace the original text on the plan; however we have maintained the original wording and style.  Also, Some of the original instruction's may seem odd. For example; The Plan Says that 2off 9" Elastic bands are used for the motor (NOT SUPPLIED). However, our kits DO come with 2 lengths of 20" rubber for the motor. There are the occasional other minor differences between the kit and the old Plan. This was done intentionally to preserve the integrity of the original Plan, I hope you agree with this choice.

 If your a new modeller and are unsure of a building step - feel free to ask us, we will always try to help.