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Junior & Senior Series

In 1952 FROG released a series of rubber powered balsa flying models. The 'Junior series' consisted of seven small models with a wingspan of 10" - 12", all featured sheet wings, tailplane & fin and a very simple to construct fuselage. They were quick to build, looked good and flew well. FROG followed the Junior with the Senior Series. These were basically bigger versions of the Juniors with a built up wing at 18" span. Both series proved to be very popular, however in 1962 FROG stopped production.  These models are just as popular today as they were 50 years ago and they are now considered very collectable. For example, an original Tomtit kit recently sold on an Internet Auction site for over £95! Lots of people have built their own from plans downloaded from the internet. This can be a long process and building from scratch is not everyone's idea of fun. A great site for more information and plans to download is The House of FROG  by Mike Stuart.

Junior Series 1952 - 1962

From Left to Right - Minnow, Pup, Midge, Speedy, Skippy, Scamp & Sporty.



Senior Series 1952/53 - 1962

From Left to Right - Tomtit, Linnet, Raven, Heron, Redwing & Widgeon.



A&DB ModelAircraft have recreated these classic models. All the balsa parts have been accurately redrawn on computer and Laser cut, so no fiddly cutting out is required! The full size plan has been digitally cleaned and enhanced but still retains all it's charm. The Senior Series kits also include Balsa strip at the same size as the originals (required for some competitions) with spare for those 'little accidents'. Each Senior also comes with pre-grooved balsa nose blocks (where required) and a pre-formed wire undercarriage.

The Junior Series  are short kits* that include

  • Laser Cut Balsa Parts - including the Wings.  Using High Quality 1mm Thick Hand Picked Balsa Only.

  • Digitally Enhanced Full Size Double Sided Plan.

  • Template for U/C (wire not included)

*Other items will be required to complete these models.Typically - 21swg wire, Small balsa blocks, wheels, Propeller/bush assembly and covering Tissue.

The Senior Series are complete kits, and include;

  • Laser Cut Balsa Parts - including the Wing Tips! Using High Quality Hand Picked Balsa Only.

  • Digitally Enhanced Full Size Double Sided Plan. (Click Here for a closer view)

  • Strip Wood, in the original sizes.

  • Pre Grooved Balsa Nose Blocks. (Where required)

  • Pre Formed Wire Undercarriage.

  • 7" Peck propeller & Nose Bush. (This will require trimming for Competition use.)

  • Pre Formed Prop Shaft.

  • 20" FIA Approved Sport Rubber.

  • Motor Pin.

  • Scale like Plastic Wheels.

  • High Quality Japanese Esaki Tissue for covering.

Click here to view photo's of the Widgeon kit

To complete the models you will also require - Balsa Cement/Wood Glue, Pins, Knife, Pliers & Cellulose Dope.

Whether your a novice or an expert these kits are the easiest & most accurate way to build and fly your own FROG Replica.

 We've done all the hard work for you.

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