ACT Beagle Club

Welcomes All Beagles & Their Friends

This website is no longer updated with details of ACT Beagle Club Events or other events that Beagles or Wannabes may be invited to attend.  If you are interested in our events please add yourself to our mail out list by contacting us at or check out our Facebook page :


Welcomes All Beagles & Their Friends

The club was created to bring together beagles, their doggie friends and their slaves for fun, activities, and bonding.  The club is run by the head dog Theo and many other volunteers.

We meet at different locations around Canberra on the 1st Sunday of every month.  Members choose their favorite walking areas such as a lake, park or even members back yards.

The club has several regular non-beagle participants such as a Cocker Spaniel and Kelpie-cross who are 'wanna-be Beagles'.  We welcome all Beagle friends.

The club often joins in the activities of the NSW Beagle Club and RSPCA.  We have been to 'recall' class and participated in walks and scent hunts out of town.  Basically we just like to have fun and welcome ideas from our members. 


For more information about the club and/or to be added to the email distribution list please e-mail Theo on

Check out our Facebook Page at:

DISCLAIMER: The ACT Beagle Club consists of volunteers only. All participation in activities is with the qualification that you participate at your own risk. We can accept no liability for any injury, damage or loss suffered by any person, pet or property. If these conditions are unacceptable please exclude yourself from the activities.

Host a walk

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We are collecting your ideas and activities for 2015. Activities will be run on a roster system where a different dog will host the events each month. If you have any suggestions we would like to know about them, even if it is only to offer your yard for a play date.

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Canberra dog walks

Check out the Canberra dog walks website for inspiration and new places to walk!

Each walk has an off-leash area, toilets, bins and easy-to-read directions.

Beagle Sitting

If you would like to offer beagle sitting services, please

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