Achilles' Modding Page for KotOR and TSL


Editing Items Using KotOR Tool (.doc) - Six easy steps to creating your own items using Fred Tetra's KotOR Tool

Editing Item Using GFF Editor (.doc) - Back in the old days, KT wouldn't let you edit item properties. That's right whipper-snapper, if you wanted to make a custom item, you had to use GFF Editor (uphill both ways in the snow). This is a great tool and although it might not be as user-friendly as KT, there are some mods that you can only make using it. This tutorial walks you step-by-step through editing some lightsaber properties.

Making a Custom Lightsaber (.doc) - This walkthrough shows you step-by-step how to make a custom lightsaber using KT and GFF Editor.

Non-Script Method for Adding Player Made Items to Placeables (.doc) - This will help new modders learn how to place their items in-game without having to use scripts. This does not eliminate the usefulness of scripts as this method will not work for many placeables.