Art and Digital Painting

Welcome to Our Abstract Art 3 (not for sale)!

 (Green Plant painted by Vijay Simhadri).

Welcome to Simhadri Software's 'Art and Digital Painting' gallery.

Nearly all the digital paintings here are not for sale and are just for viewing alone. It is like an art gallery, click on the Thumbnail in the next few pages to get an enlarged art picture. All the digital paintings are copyrighted, that is to say, you require the permission of the creator artist: Vijay Simhadri, to copy or use in any way the painting for any purpose.

There is also a picture gallery of photos not for sale here in this website. These photos are not created by us but are merely an illustration of the type of photos that we have on sale.

Alternatively , the photos for sale can be located, in the <<Photos for Sale>> page in another of our company websites (MOONFRUIT website) at:

The prices given for the digital paintings for sale in the 'Art 6 (for sale)' page are for outright ownership of the painting. That is to say, the price is for owning the original painting (along with its copyrights etc). The prices are given in US Dollars. If interested in purchasing any of these digital paintings from us, contact us on our company e-mail given below:

or either,

Thanking you,

 Vijay Simhadri (Owner, Creator and Founder of Simhadri Software).