Absolutely NineDays

                            NEW LYRICS ADDED

I have slowly but surely been adding lyrics for some of the demos that the band has recently released on their website from the Madding Crowd, So Happily Unsatisfied and Slow Motion Life recording sessions. Be sure to keep checking back as more and more songs get posted! Take note of some of the alternate lyrics for some songs that did make the albums as well!


"2013? That seems like science fiction to those of us over 30...and WE are, at least. I spent hours and hours going through old CDs, DAT tapes and even cassettes compiling all of the old demos and live shows that I uploaded to this site. In doing so, I was able to really reflect upon the years ninedays spent together creating music and memories. They are not all great, as any long stretch of time spent with the same small group of people is apt to have its ugly moments, but they all contributed to us getting to the here and now. ninedays wrote a lot of songs - some really great, some not so great - they are almost all here. Some I cannot find, and some I cannot find the courage to post - they are THAT bad. Many of the demos I posted are not for the faint fo heart, but for the die hards who apprecaite every piece of teh big picture. We are all music fans first, and I would devour any crumb of music available from my favorite artists - so to those who hold us dear, here you go!

What does this have to do with a new album in 2013? Everything...the band has had 5 years away from each other, musically speaking. We have worked on music together in various forms and configurations, but not "ninedays" music. We come together now with open minds and the desire to make the best album we've ever made. If experience counts for anything, then we have a good shot at it. I expect this album to reflect on where we all are at this point in our lives; noone in the band listens to pop radio, thank god; Brian has been living and making music in Nashville for the past five years, and I made three records on my own in that time that are a much truer representation of where I am musically than the ninedays demos from 10 years ago. I expect this album to be a hybrid of where we were when ninedays first started - a post- grunge, acoustic driven folky rock band - where we were in 2000 when we learned how to craft pop songs - and where we are now, better writers. So, it should be darn good. I expect no less than a great album. Here's to 2013, and a ninedays re-boot. Hope to see you along the way!"