Ali Akbar Abdolrashidi


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Ali Akbar Abdolrashidi, a journalist since 1961, was born in Kerman, southern Iran, in 1949. He started freelance journalism when he was only 15 years old. In the 1960s a small 1 KW radio transmission centre was established in Kerman when Abdolrashidi joined it as a writer and presenter of a weekly programme. He then joined the national radio network when as a young researcher worked for a folklore weekly programme. 

Beginning academic studies in English Language, he moved to the news and current affairs department as a translator of news wires. After seven years he was assigned as the London based correspondent of the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (IRIB) in 1980.

Coming back to the IRIB Headquarters in Tehran, Abdolrashidi headed the foreign news desk in the IRIB News Centre in 1981 from where he traveled around the world to cover major events in the UN Headquarters in New ork and Geneva as well as OPEC Ministerial Meetings, Non-Aligned Ministerial and Summit Meetings and so on.

In 1984, once again Abdolrashidi was dispatched to London not only as the UK Correspondent but also as the IRIB European CorrespondentHe covered many important events such as the fall of the Berlin Wall, collapse of the USSR Red Empire and the formation of the EU. 

In his career, Abdolrashidi has performed tens of TV interviews with important and famous international dignitaries and celebrities such as Fidel Castro of Cuba, late Rajiv Gandhi of India, Norman Wisdom, Sir Alec Jeffreys, Sir Bobby Charlton and many other presidents, prime ministers, foreign ministers, secretary generals, university professors, researchers, discoverers and even movie stars.

He produced thousands of news stories when he covered events. He visited almost 40 countries in Asia, Africa, EU and the UN in NY. If you wish to know more about him you may select the page on navigation bar list. 

Abdolrashidi in very much interested in amateure photography with a substantial collection of photos he has taken during his visits around the world. He is a member of the Trekearth and uploads his photos to this site every day. He also likes paintings.

During his career he published 20 books, researched, composed and translated. The first was the History of Non-Aligned Movement in 1986 and the last one is a collection of his interviews with Iranologists around the world. He has composed his autobiography compiled with some of his political interviews and travel reports.

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