Aberdeenshire, Nairnshire and Merchant & Royal Navy
FreeCEN Projects

FreeCEN (UK Free Census Project) involves thousands of volunteers worldwide, altogether putting in countless hours of work to get UK Census transcriptions online for free. Currently there are more than 34 million records online with more being uploaded every four weeks or so.

The more volunteers we have, the faster we will be able to get those records online — you would be welcome to join us!

Unfortunately, we currently have no more census images for Scotland. But if you would be interested in helping with another part of the UK, please contact FreeCEN Chairperson, Brenda Bowers, who will gladly get you started.

The transcription of census records for the Merchant & Royal Navy in Scotland (1861 and 1871) is complete — you can view the transcription details of the shipping census.

The transcription of census records for the counties of Aberdeen and Nairn is complete for now: we currently don't have access to any more images, but hope to do so in the future.

Aberdeen 1841–1871, and Nairn 1841–1871 are complete and searchable.

See the links to the right for details of the recently-completed transcription years.

This page updated: 18th June 2018
Map of Scotland

Scotland, showing the location of Aberdeenshire and Nairnshire