Bone Crushers

Breeding some of the finest APBT'S Today.

Bone Crusher's is a new up and coming kennel located in the upstate of South Carolina.  We own and are breeding XL and medium-sized American Pit Bull Terriers.  Our dog's bloodlines consist of Chevy Red Dog, Larsan, OFRN, Camelot, McKenna, Peterson, Chinaman and Eli/Carver.  We have red and black-nose dogs with colors ranging from dark red to buckskin(light red).  All of our dog's are ADBA registered and all have great temperaments along with well proportioned frames and heads to go with    that "no quit" bully attitude!  All dog's and puppies are in excellent condition with a clean bill of health guaranteed.   


We Got Puppies!!!!!!!!!

Puppies born 5/18/08. 

go to puppy page for more info!



Here at Bonecrusher's we use alot of the Old Family Red Nose (OFRN) bloodline.  Our dog's pedigrees consist of Red Mythology, Red Hot's, Peterson, McKenna, Camelot, Larsan, Sarona,  Dangerzone, Hemphill, Wilder, etc.  These OFRN strains produce thick -boned, blocky well-muscled heads, high prey drive and superb athletic ability.  We also use the Eddington (Chevy Red Dog) bloodline.  Spaulding's A/A XX "Chevy Red Dog" holds the world record with the IWPA and the ADBA pulling over 11,000 lbs.  This bloodline contibutes to the overall strength, bone structure and working ability of our dogs.  And last, but not least, we use the Chinaman and Eli/Carver bloodlines.  Garner's Ch. "Chinaman"ROM  is one of the greatest champions to ever grace the ring, and is also the product of an Eli/Carver cross.  Chinaman produced Garner's "Frisco" ROM who is the top producing stud in ADBA history.   The majority of the Eli/Carver bloodline we use comes off of Crenshaw's Ch. "Hurt".  Ch. "Hurt" was sired by Eli Jr. and is also the grandsire of  Chinaman.  The use of these last two bloodlines contributes to our dog's overall conformation, high prey drive, and working ability. 

Our #1 Goal is to breed and produce well balanced dog's with excellent temperments and outstanding work ethic.  I would like to thank Greg and Jennifer at Red Mythology Kennels for allowing me to have purchased Ace, my foundation stud, and for breeding  Boy with Venus to produce Apache and Diamond, brood female.  In my opinion they own some of the best dog's I've ever seen, and this is why I have decided to base my yard off of Ace and Diamond.  I would also like to thank Randy and Gina at Pits-n-Staffs.   They have helped me greatly with health care info and sharing their knowledge in owning this breed.


Contact Info

Owner/Operator: Stacy Goldsborough


phone number: 864-382-8761






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