4th Alabama Cavalry, Company B CSA / 1st Alabama Cavalry, Company B USA

Welcome to the campsite of Roddey's 4th Alabama Cavalry (dismounted), Company B, Confederate States Army.

We are a Re-enactment and Living History group based in central Alabama with members from Alabama, Mississippi, Florida and Tennessee in our ranks.  We are family oriented and actively recruit new members.  Since we fight dismounted, you don't need a horse to join up with us!

Since it is very difficult to find dedicated Union re-enactors in the South, we often "galvanize" as Company B, 1st Alabama Cavalry, U.S. Volunteers from Winston County, Alabama - "The Free State of Winston".  "Galvanizing" at events helps to maintain the proper ratio of Confederate and Union troops.  Galvanizing, a period term which means to switch sides.  Those members who don't wish to wear blue will not take the field with us.  During the war there were several Union regiments raised in Alabama, with the 1st Cavalry being one of the more celebrated.

As you visit our campsite, you will find links to all areas of interest...so, pull up a stool, and visit with us for a while.